Musical crib toys - Top 10 christmas toys for 2011.

Musical Crib Toys

musical crib toys
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22. Fisher-Price Kick and Feel Musical Farm Friends - $8
22. Fisher-Price Kick and Feel Musical Farm Friends  - $8
Laugh & Learn Kick n' Feel Farm Friends crib toy can be attached to the side of the crib; baby can either kick the mat or interact with it sitting up. The toy features up to 10 minutes of music including 2 songs with vocals, 4 instrumental tunes, animal names, and sound effects; lots of textures for baby's fingers and toes to explore; baby can activate the music by kicking or pressing the feet of the farm friends: a pig, a cow, and a chick.
Musical Crib Toy
Musical Crib Toy
$5.00 - Plays nursery rhymes. The moon has flashing lights. 2 volume settings and 2 settings for length of play.

musical crib toys
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