Growing Alien Toys

growing alien toys
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"Gallium Blue" - Custom Alien Argus for Toy Art Gallery
"Gallium Blue" - Custom Alien Argus for Toy Art Gallery
Feb 26th sees the Alien Argus custom group show at Toy Art Gallery, this is my entry. I don't really do Kaiju customs, but this one gave me a great idea that tied nicely into a new project i'm working on, so i had to take part :) Check out the backstory for a continuation of the events surrounding "Typus.." and clues to new things to come.... Backstory "As the exploration of space reached further into our solar system, the incredible distances involved demanded swift and creative research into new propulsion methods. With early antimatter drives proving incredibly unstable and solutions such as solar sails being decisively one-way, R&D at Omega Tellurion generated the bizarre concept of Fracture Drives. The concept was to distort space-time in a highly localised area, fracturing it for long enough to allow matter to slip through to a parallel universe where the laws of physics were different. The hope was to find one where limits to the speed of objects was minimal so that a ship could use it as a fast-lane before fracturing back into normal space at the destination. The primary test core was at Omega's Mars lab, the standard jump-off point for scientific missions to the outer-most planets and control centre for the mid-stage Terraforming operations. Housed in a huge facility, the stationary core was used to slide specialised Sprogs into pre-determined universes where they would collect data and samples before being slid back. Some never returned, others came back, melted, mangled, inside out or just as clouds of atoms. It seemed many universes were just too different from ours. One, however, had exactly the right properties. Of the initial data gathered, one of the most interesting pieces of footage showed an unusual metallic crystal. The closer the Sprog got to it, the more it grew, moved and pulsated, almost in response to the robot. Sent back to retrieve samples and better survey the environment, this parallel Mars was found to have Earth-like vegetation and a wide variety of crystals that all reacted to the probe. Excitement turned to disappointment as every sample returned became inert. The first sample to retain any observed properties in our universe did so seemingly because it always existed out of phase, partly here, partly there. Analysis suggested some sort of basic neutral net, prompting one group to term it a "living metal", but it's constant phasing made understanding it at a sub-quantum level impossible, at least with existing equipment. It was, however, extremely fond of electromagnetic interference from robots and seemed to grow and repair itself from nothing. It was decided that it had potential as a replacement for the solid metal panels of existing robots, a self-healing, living crystalline skin that thrived on emanations from the very bot it covered. A test bed was needed and came about through a robot nicknamed Gallium Blue. All did not go to plan tho, as one moment the material lay in smooth, regular shapes, in tune with Gallium Blue's electronics, the next moment growing and bubbling out of control like a tumour. After several days, all control and form was lost, strange shapes formed themselves then melted, damaged areas failed to repair themselves leaving the endoskeleton exposed. It was only when Gallium Blue stopped following it's original programming that the experiment was emphatically abandoned. Every computer system it connected to was filled with corrupted data to the point of failure, all attempts at communication returned gibberish, it had to be released onto the Martian surface just to save the compound. In the end Gallium Blue's powercore fused, while the living metal became solid and inert as it phased fully into our universe. Frozen in time and over 400 miles from the test lab, Gallium Blue stood like a statue as the landscape was terraformed around him."
23 hours. The cracks are clearly defined. It won't be long now. For my birthday, Bro and Sis-in-Law presented me with a shopping bag loaded with assorted treasures gathered on a shopping trip in Roswell, NM. Amongst the beautiful things was this. Oh yes, my very own Alien Egg Growing Pet. What pet alien will be mine forever? Let's open it and see!

growing alien toys
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