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Best 3 Year Old Toys

best 3 year old toys
    year old
  • a rare aged variation of Gold Label. ($1200)
  • A person treated by another as a source of pleasure or amusement rather than with due seriousness
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If You Only Knew...
If You Only Knew...
Two people. Best friends, to be exact. Knowing each other since they were brought together in a play pen and day care. Always there for each other. Told each other every single thing. He was her shoulder to cry on. She was his confidant. They were together through thick and thin, inseparable at heart. His POV I’ve known her for 10 years, a decade. It’s hard to believe that two people can even stay friends for that along, let alone stand each other. Heck, we argued a ton, even if we were best friends. Our first argument was when we first met, tugging at a toy train in a play pen at 3 years old. Of course, are arguments grew, from who could do more chin-ups (which I won) to who could win a game of chess (I found out I suck at chess that day). But she was there for me. When my dad walked out on my mom—she was there to hear me vent, something I could never do with a guy friend. And I was there for her—when her mom was diagnosed with cancer, she came to me. We were both 13 now. As independent as we are as people, I have to tell you if you tried to separate us, we would find each other, one way or another. I watch her now as she runs around her backyard playing with her new baby sister. She runs and laughs, picking her toddler sister up and spinning her around. Her chocolate brown hair, cascading down her back, glistened in the sunlight. Her eyes lit up like the stars did with the night sky. I smiled at the sight. I catch her eye for a moment, and she smiles and waves. I wave back, and she motions for me to come over. I was happy to oblige. ________________________________________ 15 years. More things have happened. Both 18, we’re on the verge of living our life independently as adults in a college world. It’s amazing, even she thought I wouldn’t make this far. But hey, a few tutoring sessions with her was worth it. I stood now in a royal blue graduation cap and gown, the tassel of the cap bothering me. She laughed silently next to me and moved the tassel away from my face. I smiled at her to thank her and she winked back. Her features were grown up. She had the same chocolate brown hair and piercing blue eyes, a pair that she had inherited from her mother. Her hair was tucked underneath her graduation cap, and was curled into wavy ringlets that swooped past her shoulders. She smiled and looked up at me, mouthing Are you ready to graduate? I smiled and nodded. As ready as I’ll ever be, I thought to myself. ________________________________________ 25 years. She’s teaching kindergarten at an elementary school. I’m a surgeon at a hospital (and a closet poet, but she’s the only who’s seen my works). I’m still single, believe it or not, considering I was star quarterback back in high school. She has a boyfriend. I didn’t bring up her boyfriend up when we talked, and neither did she. Well, a lot anyway. I knew she was happy. I could tell by the way she looked out the window, sighed, and smiled that she was in loved. Not that I wasn’t happy for her, because I definitely was. It’s just that… whenever I got the feeling she was thinking about him or getting ready to talk about him… I got this feeling inside of me, like fire. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Another friend told me it was jealousy. I couldn’t be jealous… could I? I mean she’s a beautiful 28 year old teacher, she deserves someone to make her smile and get sweep her off her feet, right? Oddly enough, I felt that I should be doing that instead of her so-called boyfriend. If she only knew. ________________________________________ He closed his notebook, the one he wrote in every night, and this is what he wrote: She’s my best friend. Is it wrong to love her? I fight and defend But will this love even occur? Yes, I’ve known her for years And we’ve been there for each other It was worth all the tears I love her more than a child loves their mother We’ve had highs and lows Told our truths and did our dares But sadly, I don’t think she knows Let alone, even cares… If she only knew. Later that night, he got a call. His best friend… had died. “A driver under the influence crashed into her, she died before we got there,” That was the night he couldn’t hold back his tears. He cried each and every one, not wiping any away. He lost his best friend. His soul mate. Hopes and dreams of them ever being together were now demolished and emptied out into a land of useless dreams. ________________________________________ He stood at the funeral, next to her parents, in the front row. He admired her sweet face one last time. Her face stood pale, her eyes closed forever. Her hair was tucked behind her ears, pulled behind her head. “I love you,” he said under his breath, quiet enough so no one could hear. After, the closed the casket and lowered her body under the ground. After the funeral, her mother came up to him. “She wanted me to give this to you, she said it was important,” He took the yellowing paper from her best friend’s mother’s fra
Monkey Adventures #7 - Drunken Big Frank Tries to Steal the Astra
Monkey Adventures #7 - Drunken Big Frank Tries to Steal the Astra
It wasn't long after his antics with the Trolley that Big Frank was posted missing for the first time that night. Everyone was searching high and low for him and we were all beginning to think he had run off with a Polish trucker when one of the lads shouted at us all to be quiet. Everyone went shtoom within a millisecond or two and we all stood there in silence listening - as we crept slowly towards the car park we could feintly hear what I can best describe as a 3 year old kid making car noises. On further inspection we discovered Frank sitting in the Astra Coupe making all of the afore-mentioned noises. After the rest of us spending 5-10mins in stitches of laughter we decided to pop the door open and ask the big chap what he was up to. As soon as the door opened Frank screamed, "Close the bloody door you fruitbag, we're doing close to a ton here, are you trying to get us all killed?". More laughter ensued as you can no doubt imagine...

best 3 year old toys
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