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Back issues are available. Simply choose the quiz or quizzes you would like a copy of from the list below and email us to arrange it. If you are a member of another charity or organization that is looking to raise money elsewhere in the country, you can buy the quiz for use in your own area. Contact us via email for more information.

On this page you can also see the winners of some of the previous quizzes. Congratulations again to our winners!

 No         Month Name1st Prize     2nd Prize 3rd Prize Lucky Number Prize  Status
 1 July 1992     Numbers and initials             Back issues available
 2 February 1993 Numbers and initials      Back issues available
 3          October 1993     Towns and cities     Back issues available
 4 July 1994 Fruit and vegetables     Back issues available    
 5 March 1995 Animals     Back issues available
 6 October 1995 Girl's first names     Back issues available
 7 March 1996 Colour connections     Back issues available
 8 May 1996 Logos     Back issues available
 9 October 1996 Boy's first names     Back issues available
 9a January 1997 What famous events happened in these years?     Back issues available
 10 May 1997 British towns and cities     Back issues available
 11 September 1997 Famous women     Back issues available
 12 January 1998 Numbers and initials     Unavailable
 13 March 1998         Birds     Back issues available
 14 May 1998 Celebrities     Back issues available
 15 July 1998     Capital cities     Unavailable
 16 May 1999 Famous men     Unavailable
 17 November 1999 Colour connections     Unavailable
 18 March 2000 Famous events     Back issues available
 19     May 2000 Famous logos     Back issues available
 19a July 2000 Famous celebrities     Back issues available
 20 January 2001 Nationalities     Back issues available
 21 April 2001 Boy's names D Foster, Offerton,  Stockport S Wardlow, Bempton V Brumpton, Bempton M Lilley, Bridlington Back issues available
 22 August 2001 Girl's first names E Cole, Scarborough D Timms, Bempton M Ratcliffe, Hanford, Stoke R Fox, Cheam Sutton, Surrey Back issues available
 23     December 2001 Christmas K Dixon, Bridlington E Cole, Scarborough E Heslop-Mullens, Bridlington M Major,
 Back issues available
 24 February 2002 Family relations B.J. Martin, Bempton J Holdsworth, Bempton S Wardlow, Bempton T Smailes, Helmsley Back issues available
 25 May 2002 Advertising slogans Angie & Paul Smith, Swillington, Leeds E Cole, Scarborough L Walkington, Bempton J Ingle, Bridlington Back issues available
 26 July 2002 Food, glorious food L Walkington, Bempton J Dixon, Bridlington FJ West, Bempton D Rockman Bempton Back issues available
 27 December 2002 Towns and cities anagrams K Nixon, Bridlington L Warrington, Buckton P Rowley, Scarborough E Bowman, Bempton Back issues available
 28 March 2003 Fictional heroes and villains Alan & Ros McLean, Bempton P Crozier, Bempton E Cole, Scarborough P Brewster, Eastfield, Scarborough Back issues available
 29 August 2003 Animals: fact and fiction K Wilkins, Bridlington R Harsley, Amotherby, Malton S Pike, Bempton V Chittock, Bempton Back issues available
 30 November 2003 Yorkshire M Bannister, Butterwick, Malton D Coomes, Netherton, Huddersfield F Beckwith, Nafferton, Driffield J Porter, Bridlington Back issues available
 31 January 2004 Name that character S Pike, Bempton S Haws, Bridlington G Bell, Scarborough A Cooke, Scarborough Back issues available
 32 March 2004 Birds S Mumby, Buckton R Harsley, Malton C Hutchinson, Bempton S Buchanan, Bempton Back issues available
 33 May 2004 Fruit and veg A Johnson, Bempton R Roe, Bridlington F Beckwith, Nafferton, Driffield A Chapman, Lincoln Back issues available
 34 August 2004 Occupations PB Kendall, Bridlington S Milner, Foxholes, Driffield J Doyle, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland J Triffitt, Bempton Back issues available
 35 November 2004 Something to wear J Ingle, Bridlington S Peace, Banbury, Oxon P Crozier, Bempton JP Sell, Bempton Back issues available
 36 February 2005 Partners and pairs Alan & Christine Davies, Huddersfield P Duke, Bempton M Mason, Gloucestershire PB Kendall, Bridlington Back issues available
 37 June 2005 Where in the world? P Brierley, Keighley M Bell, Scarborough E Perray, Scarborough M Mason, Gloucestershire Back issues available
 38 September 2005 Flowers L Sheldon, Bridlington E Cole, Scarborough F Hodgson, Keighley G Bostwick, Bempton Back issues available
 39 January 2006 Phrases J Thorpe, Bempton  A Ellis, Flamborough J Smith, Bempton A Davis, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire Back issues available
 40 April 2006 US state captials E Bacon, Bridlington D Moore, Bempton C Prendergast, North Frodingham M Edwards, Bridlington Back issues available
 41 July 2006 Phrases HM Nelson, Leeds C Walker-Firth, Bradford E Perray, Scarborough D Coomes, New Milton, Hants Back issues available
 42 November 2006 Born in Yorkshire J Charles, New Milton, Herts V Nelson, Sawbridgeworth, Herts J Ingle, Bridlington B Goode, Bridlington Back issues available
 43 February 2007 Words ending in -ATE C Hutchinson, Bempton FM Hodgson, Keighley P Brierley, Keighley D Green, Bridlington Back issues available
 44 July 2007 Occupations E Deakin, Middleton Cheney, Banbury H Robinson, Scarborough The White Hart Gang, Bawtry T Haycock, Bircotes, Doncaster Back issues available
 45 November 2007 First names FM Hodgson, Keighley C Walker-Firth, Bradford V Thornton, Driffield J Smith, Beverley Back issues available
 46 March 2008 Food and drink C Patchett, Bridlington M Bell, Scarborough S Peace, Banbury, Oxon S Whittaker, Bempton Back issues available
 47 August 2008 Dates and events P Brierley, Keighley FM Hodgson, Keighley D Green, Bridlington J Triffitt, Reighton     Back issues available
 48 November 2008 Phrases FM Hodgson, Keighley Ros & Alan McLean, Bempton PA Brierley,Keighley M Walter, Bridlington Back issues available
 49 March 2009 Colours D Fletcher, Bempton S Pike, Bempton K Wilkins, Bridlington P Smith, Sowerby, Thirsk Back issues available
 50 June 2009 Young and old G Richie, Bempton M Wicks, Flackwell Heath, Bucks C Granton, Bridlington H Mathers, Bridlington Back issues available

 51    February 2010     Common connections A Perry, Morcambe, Lancs P Nettleship, Buckton "White Hart Gang", Bawtry, Doncaster D Warnes, Brandsburton Back issues available
 52 September 2010    
 All That Glitters
 D & C Harrison, Bempton S Allan, Huddersfield S Miles, Loughborough  M Hockney, Bridlington Back issues available
 53 July 2011 Common connections  Mrs J Stone, Doncaster Gordon Charles, New Milton Mrs E Cole, Bridlington Bowen, Bempton Back issues available
 54 November 2011 Types of dance Mr PB Kendall, Bridlington Lee Harris, CoventryD Fletcher, Bempton Emily Beales, Bempton Back issues available    
 55 June 2012 What happened in this year?Laura Hutchinson, Bempton Mrs J Stone, DoncasterMr A Perry, Morecambe B Thompson, Ilkley Back issues available  

 56 November 2012     Common connections S Merrall, Loughborough D Coombs, Hampshire L Lawson, Wakefield M Barber, Morley     Back issues available      
 57 March 2013 London Underground stations Mrs G Reeve, Portishead, Bristol Mrs L Duke, Bempton K & M Barber, Churwell, Leeds S Nicholson, Bridlington Back issues available