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About Bempton

Bempton is a small rural village about three miles north of the seaside town of Bridlington on the east coast of Yorkshire. The population of the village is around 1,500, but the cliff top RSPB sanctuary attracts many thousands of visitors each year as it is the site of Britain's only mainland gannet colony, and home to many other birds. The village has a post office, pub, garage, antiques shop, hairdressers, snooker club and church. It also has a school, which is only a couple of years old, the old building having been demolished and replaced by a completely new school. The parish of Bempton also includes the village of Buckton, which is located right next to Bempton, on the west side of the village.

The Quiz

The quiz itself is complied by Anne Parker, who has lived in Bempton all her life. It was originally titled the Bempton Village Hall Quiz and raised money for the Bempton Village Hall Fund (registered charity number 1064165). For many years Bempton was served by an outdated and inadequate village hall which was built in the 1960's. The Bempton Village Hall Committee worked hard over many years maintaining the original village hall whilst raising money to build a new one.

After many years of hard work, the committee managed to secure lottery funding and the new hall was built and opened in early 2014. The hall has proved a huge success, leading to many new community groups using it, as well as providing better facilities for the groups which used the old hall.

The quiz was originally started in May 1992. Anne was a committee member at the time and was on holiday for the main fundraising event at the time, the May Day Gala. She complied a quiz to help swell the funds, and it proved to be popular, so further quizzes were produced. The final Bempton Village Hall Quiz was produced in 2013 after 53 editions.

It was decided that now the new village hall is in place and is financially self sufficient, that the quiz would now focus on other charitable causes. Each new quiz will focus on a different cause, which we will provide information about on this site.

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