Master's Thesis[PDF]

As part of my masters program in Mobile computing and Information security, I am working on my Masters thesis. I am developing a context aware SIP user agent. The idea is to enable mobile users use multimedia devices around them with out forcing them to manually configure every device they want to interact with. I am also looking in to how can we make sure such an interaction is done an a secure way. The project is being conducted at Wireless@KTH under the supervision of Professor Maguire. Click here to see the progress of the project.

Mini Project: Code Generation for Executable State Machines on Embedded Java Devices

As part of my Master program in NTNU, I developed a code generator that takes UML state machines and produce executable Java code for small wireless sensors called Sun SPOTs.

Click here to read the project report.

Click here to download PDF version of the report.

Click here to watch flash demo.

TeleMedicine Project: SIP Based Video Conferencing application for Telemedicine

I have developed a conferencing software using Java and I thought I could share it with you. The application was developed as part of my VoIP course (IK2554) here in KTH.

Full Text

Source Code

How do I build the source? Extract the compressed folder and use ant(a command line building application for jave... like make for c/c++) to build the application. Just cd to the Telemedicine folder and enter ant on command line. once it is build use the war file to depoly the SIP-Servlet on Sun Application server. You can also open the folder using Netbeans and deploy it on Glassfish Application server that comes with the Netbeans.

 The JFish Application

As part of my Network Programming with Java course here in KTH I developed a simple File sharing applicaiton. The project was fun doing and if you are into network programming with java I am sure you will love this. Below you will find short description about the project: (By the way the project is called FISH and I renamed it to JFish as it is the trean with all Java programmers... adding J in front of every thing they do.... kiki...)
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