Jon "Hondo" and Suzy have been the generous instructors of the Swing Dance Club since the beginning.

Suzy has been studying, performing and teaching dance since she was 5 years old. By studying next to her Mother, Marion Christianson, Suzy was exposed to the most fundamental and effective way of teaching basic dance skills. She is proud to be able to combine these years of experience with the current dance forms being practiced. This blend provides for a timely and yet traditional approach to the Social Dance classes she teaches - and ultimately the students have more fun.

Jon "Hondo" started dancing in taverns and ballrooms as a teenager and enrolled in his first actual dance class in the fall of 1989, which was taught by Marion. After completing the class, Mrs. C. asked Jon to get involved in the BSU Funtastic Dance Follies. After one performance, he was hooked. The following year, Jon applied for and was accepted as a Student Director. Within two years, he was traveling with Mrs. C. and Suzy, helping them with community education and university classes as the "token guy" or "demo dude." Along the way, he found it very rewarding to assist the leaders in their classes in becoming comfortable on the dance floor.

Since then the two have been teaching community education and university classes. They founded Top of the River, Inc. dba Suzy and Hondo to promote the social dance atmosphere in Bemidji.