What is an MC?  
We don't want to spoil the mystery of what MC might stand for, but an MC is Bemidji MusiCamp's version of a camp counselor.  The MC tradition started in 2007 and has included college students, graduate students, and music educators.
MCs spend the week with students doing a variety of musical and fun activities.  An MC has the most important job at MusiCamp!

2016 MCs

Apply to be an MC!

Who can apply to be an MC?  
Anyone who has completed at least one year of college may apply.  Preference may be given to: past MCs, music education majors, past campers, and upperclassmen.

Do I have to be a music major?
No!  All majors are welcome to apply.

Why should I be an MC?  
If you're interested in making a difference in a young person's life, then this is definitely for you.  It's also a great way to add experience working with students to your resume.  
MCs also network with music educators and musicians from around the state and beyond.

I applied; now what?  
Applicants will receive a phone interview.  No commitment is required until a position has been offered.

I've been chosen to be an MC!  What can I expect?
Expect a lot of fun!  But it's also a pretty demanding job.  MCs are on the go almost all day long, so you'll be pushed to your limits physically and mentally.  In the end, you'll have a rewarding experience.

Please complete the following form:

If you would prefer a hard copy application, please email

Here's what past MCs have said about their experiences:

"I didn't know what to expect of MusiCamp, but I knew it was a good opportunity to work with kids and become more connected with a few of my classmates and professors at BSU.

MusiCamp was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Working with so many talented individuals was extremely rewarding. I got the chance to watch so many campers grow both as musicians and people throughout the week. I met so many campers who blew me away with their musicianship, personalities, senses of humor, and various talents.

I never got the chance to go to a band camp as a camper. I'm envious of the opportunity that these students have to meet and work with experts in their instrument, counselors who are studying to become music educators, and most of all, fellow campers who are dedicated and talented musicians. I can't recommend Bemidji MusiCamp highly enough."

"Bemidji MusiCamp helped me in so many ways on my journey towards being a teacher. I got to lead sectionals, work with students at all music levels, and be vulnerable in my connection with students and staff.

I would recommend this experience for any college student pursuing music. It will help you more than you know and you will get a first hand experience working with students."