1920 - 1935 Era Shooting Competition

 You WANT A Tommy Gun!


Thompson Links

CheaperThanDirt.Com Auto-Ordnance Page:  http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ProductListing.aspx?brand=Auto-Ordnance&catid=1659,1612,1696,2144

Auto-Ordnance Tommy Gun Shop:  http://www.auto-ordnance.com/Parts/Parts.asp

Video Links (from first match)






Any prohibition or depression error costume is acceptable.  Special emphasis is placed on the prohibition gangster era... fedoras, zoot suits, flappers, etc...


1911 model 45 acp. Unjacketed lead rounds

Any 1911 model is acceptable.  No laser sights.  Traditional 1911s are encouraged but not required.

  • 5 rounds per magazine.Magazine may be inserted at loading table, and pistol holstered.
  • First round is chambered on the clock. Slide must be in open lock position to move with pistol.  Finger out of trigger guard.
  • After last round is fired, pistol is placed on table/barrel/or other provided safe staging area.
  • May not be returned to holster until shown clear.
  • After completing stage, 1911 is shown clear at the firing line.  Magazine out.  Slide forward, Hammer down.  Returned to holster.


Models 93/97, 97, 12, or replicas are permitted.  12 gauge.  Shotgun shot size must be number six lead birdshot or smaller for all events (no steel or plated shot).

  • Shotgun may be loaded with the proper number of shells at the loading table.  First shell is chambered on the clock.
  • Model 12's must have the trigger pulled at the line at staging to demonstrate no shell in the chamber.
  • Unlike Wild Bunch, shotguns MAY BE RELOADED from your person to make up shotgun misses.


Original or replica Thompson Subs in 45 acp.  Fired semi-auto only.  Unjacketed lead rounds only.

  • Magazine loaded with stage required rounds.  Usually 20, but if cowboy stage calls for a reload, 21 may be loaded.  Typically if shooting with cowboys, we shoot the rifle pattern twice to get the 20 rounds fired.  
  • Bolt locked open at loading table.
  • When staging at firing line, insert magazine and chamber first round.  Place rifle on safe and stage.
  • After last round is fired, rifle must be returned to table/barrel/or other provided safe staging area.
  • After completing stage, Thompson is shown clear at the firing line.  Magazine out.  Bolt locked open.

 Scoring and Other Rules

For now, all other basic SASS/WB safety and scoring rules apply for misses, procedurals, etc...

Wild Bunch Handbook:  http://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/RO/Wild%20Bunch%20Handbook%20v7_1.pdf

Round over the berm is a DQ.  Dropped empty gun is stage DQ.  Dropped loaded gun is match DQ.