At Croasdale we run a commercial flock of 1000 ewes. Predominantly a Swaledale flock we now cross the stock ewes with a Scotch Blackface in order to improve the conformation and overall carcass size. We then put Lleyn tups on these ewes to produce a hardy cross ewe that rear Texel cross lambs, in order to produce more lambs that suit the market demands. On the in-bye ground we run a flock of pure Lleyn ewes to make use of the better ground.

The Calendar year for a sheep begins in November.

November ewes are put to the Tups (Males) in order to be giving birth in April, with a gestation period of 145 days.

January sheep are Pregnancy Scanned and supplemented with feed in accordance to how many lambs they are bearing.

In April Lambing time begins.

June and July shearing the sheep occurs which is for the welfare of the animal.

In August we start to sell the lambs for meat, while the ewes are given a couple months rest before November.