We are firm believers in the fact that farming for the environment can go hand in hand with a commercially run farm business.We have been part of Natural England Stewardship Schemes since the mid 1990's

The cattle are the main conservation tools, and were introduced for there selective grazing, allowing more native plant species to grow. Since 2001 the cattle have grazed the fell throughout the summer eating the Molinia to allow other species to grow.

The current project with the cattle is to extend the grazing period in order to enhance the bio-diversity of the moorland. To do this the cows are being fed hay amongst strong stands of heather in order to trample it and cause more diverse age range of the heather. It is hoped this will improve the habitat for many species, compared to a traditional approach of heather burning or cutting where it all grows at the same age.

An ongoing aim over the years has been to improve habitats and environments for a wide array of species, which in turn has helped the number of different birds- with over 60 different types nesting on farm- having fledged over fifty barn owl chicks .

Over two miles of hedgerows have been put in on the farm, and there are now many different wild flowers to be seen in the hay meadow and species rich areas on the inside land.