Beltin Good Beef

Beef for sale

We have a meat room with freezers at the farm where our meat is stored. Visitors are always welcome to come to the farm to chose what they want- But, always ring before you come though, to ensure we are in.

Although a lot of our customers order our packs, we are happy to tailor meat packs to your own requirements and we can provide individual items, subject to availability.

Our cattle are reared with animal welfare as top priority. They are a hardy breed that are naturally reared on the Bowland fells. This helps give the beef the great taste, along with an extremely small carbon footprint. Belted Galloway's, are a slow maturing breed, with nice marbling and flavour throughout the meat.

The animals leave the farm between 30 and 36 months of age to small family run slaughterhouses, either at Leeds or Hawes. The meat is hung for between 14 and 21 days before being cut up. We use skilled family butchers to cut the meat up and vacuum pack it. We pick it up the same day, label it and freeze it- with any pre ordered meat delivered fresh that day.

The meat is a darker colour, due to its age and the process of hanging. The visible fat in the meat is marbling which when cooked, melts away, giving the beef a superb flavour.


FAMILY VALUE PACK min wt 16.5kg

4 Family sized Beef Joints

Large rolled Brisket

2 packs of Frying Steak

6 Packs of Braising Steak

6 Packs of Stewing Steak

8 Packs of Minced Beef

(or exchange 2 mince for Beef Burgers)

PRICE £165.00

HALF FAMILY PACK min wt 8 Kg -PRICE £82.50

2 RIB OF BEEF min wt 1.5 kg -PRICE £25


2 Beef Joints

Small rolled Brisket

Sirloin Steak

Rump Steak

2 Packs of Braising Steak

2 Packs of Stewing Steak

3 Packs of Minced Beef

PRICE £80.00

STEAK PACK min wt 4kg

Beef Joint

Fillet Steak

Sirloin Steak

Rump Steak

Frying Steak

Stewing Steak

2 Packs of Minced Beef

PRICE £70.00

MEAT PACKS min wt 5kg

10 Packs of Braising Steak

PRICE £52.00

10 Packs of Stewing Steak

PRICE £47.00

10 Packs of Minced Beef

PRICE £42.00

10 Packs of Mixed Stew, Braise and Mince

PRICE £46.00