Leather Art by Belsac

Artist Bio:  I’ve been working with leather since 1993 and specialize in creating Celtic and Fantasy art. I live in the Seattle area and my art can be found in galleries and Sci-Fi / Fantasy conventions around the Northwest.   For prices or for custom orders, contact me at Belsac@gmail.com 



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Leather Carving  is the art of cutting, stamping and shaping leather into relief. Only vegetable tanned, full grain leather can be carved.  This is because the tanning process allows the leather to absorb water, which softens the leather before carving, and the grain allows the leather to it's shape after the leather dries. 

Embossing  is done by stretching and shaping wet leather then filling the void with leather laminations (or “plugs”) to establish rigidity.  This provides the artwork a deeper 3D appearance. All pieces in this collection with embossing have also been carved, although not all carved artwork has been embossed.




Acrylic paints allow for vivid colors but are thick and cover the leather.  


Water based leather dyes are absorbed into the leather but are more labor intensive.  Dye is watered down then applied in a series of washes (or often dry brushed) as color is slowly built up.  The artist must work from light to dark and once dyed there is no going back.  You can only dye darker. 


Stain is washed on wet and has the advantage of highlighting the natural character of the leather.    All dye and stain projects are sealed to protect them.