Hearty Welcome to BELROA website! 

Greetings from President, Secretary and all the Executive Committee members !

The BEL Retired  Officers  Association  (BELROA)  has been existing since 12th June 1989.

BELROA's members are retired officers of the esteemed organization Bharat Electronics Ltd. which is head quartered in Bengaluru. It has 9 Other units and offices in India and Abroad.  Many retired officers from Ghaziabad, Kotadwar, Panchakula Machilipattnam etc; and settled elsewhere also have joined as members.  We encourage you to browse through the site. The membership raised to 1436 by 30 September 2017.

BELROA website helps you to get familiar with its Current Executive Committee, to get information about latest updates on the issues being worked with the BEL Management, links to various sites of interest to members and of course to the latest happenings in the retired officers’ world!.

Your rich experience in BEL, will go a long way in improving the activities of the Association and make them more purposeful. Please be in touch with  the Website as often as possible and keep us informed about any changes in your address and contact phone numbers Email etc for effective communication. 

We request you that if you are BEL retired officer and not yet  member of BELROA, please join us as soon as possible. 

The downloadable " Membership Application Form " is available. 

We also request you that if  your known friends who are BEL retired officer and not member of BELROA yet, please inform them about BELROA website <www.belroa.org>. Let them also join us and explore the benefits of being connected.

Please frequently check your mail to get latest information sent to you vide our one way group-mail <belroa-members@googlegroups.com>.  

We have another group-mail <belroa-1@googlegroups.com> for the purpose of communication of relevant information from a member to rest of enrolled members. 

Please quote your LM number each time your correspond to us.

With warm Regards and Best Wishes,


                                 https://sites.google.com/site/belroablr/AGBM%20%20Invitation.pdf?attredirects=0                                 Demise

Bylaws of BELROA is restricted and hence not put in this site. It is available with Secretary.  To view the documents, please contact secretary at 9448388769, or send a request through 
e-mail <belroa1989@gmail.com>. Please quote your LM number.