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Club Competition Results 2008:

 Competition Winner(s) Runner(s)-up
 Singles Merit
 Ken Potter Mick Frost
 Horace White Pairs
 Graham Sheldon
 Owen Chadwick
 Ken Potter
 John Wooddisse
 Fred Bott Doubles
 Katrina Woodisse
 Mick Nelson
 Pam Laven
 Mick Holland
 Fred Cumpsey Trophy Mick Nelson
 Jack Laven
 Tony Platts Rose Bowl
 Betty Morley
 Ken Potter
 Chris Hopkinson
 Mick Nelson
 Singles Handicap
 Allan Merigold
 Pam Laven
 Senior Citizens' Cup
 John Hopkinson
 Mick Nelson
 Sid Taylor Cup
  Mick Frost  Mick Nelson

Trophy Winners 2008:     Best Team Averages

Team Winner Runner-up
 S. D. Ladies Sandra Holland
 Katrina Wooddisse
 Belper Ladies
 Katrina Wooddisse Andene Sheldon
 S. D. Men 1st
 Mick Nelson Mick Holland
 S. D. Men 2nd Bob Smith
 Norman Ratcliffe
 Belper Saturday "A"
 Mick Nelson
 Graham Sheldon
 Belper Saturday "B"
 Colin Grainger
 Marian Frost

Mr Mayor presents the Club Trophy
Ken Potter receives his trophy from Mick Nelson

Floods of 2008

The photos below show some of the post-flood clear-up.
Memories from 2008
SD Mens 1st Team

Singles Merit Finalists

Doubles 'B' Team

Thursday League Team

Members competing in the Horace White Doubles

Club Pavilion

Open Competition Day

Potters: Bill & Madelaine, Alan & Jean

Potters: Mick Nelson, Irene Oakland, Pam and Jack Laven