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The Honors Program consists of the Interdisciplinary Core courses, 3 Honors Specialized Tracks, and the Academic Major(s) and Minor(s).The Honors Curriculum (posted below) is an alternative Gen Ed sequence that serves the broader goals of Belmont University. HON students do not take the BELL Core courses. The Honors Program's Advisory Body is the Honors Council (members listed below), which approves Individualized Plans of Study (iPOS) and Thesis Prospectuses. Belmont Honors is a member of the NCHC.

The Honors Council meets 7-8 times per semester and in consultation with the Chairs has the authority to overwrite the University Catalog, so accuracy and deadlines are very important.
This page contains all of the information and forms you need for your 1) Declaration of Honors Track; 2) Individualized Plan of Study; 3) Thesis Prospectus with Cover Page; and 4) Senior Honors Thesis Format.These topics are located at the upper-left navigation bar.
Editable Forms and Documents are attached to the bottom of each page.

Honors sophomores are required to submit either a) Declaration of Major or b) Individualized Plan of Study (iPOS) by the end of the 2nd year.  An advising hold is applied to all sophomores who do not submit a) or b). The iPOS is reviewed by the Honors Council and has to be approved by the Honors Council. 
The iPOS is required for Individualized Majors only.
Please submit to honors@belmont.eduThe iPOS 
is an official university record of the courses that were approved by the Honors Council to make up your curriculum.  
If you in Nursing or in the School of Music, an Individualized major is not available because of external accreditation requirements. AET and MOT courses are restricted to majors only and are not allowed in the iPOS by those deparments.

All HON Thesis Track and Artist's Studio students must submit a Thesis Prospectus by the end of their junior year.  Students take HON 3044 (Scholarship) or HON 3088 (Artist's Studio) with writing the Prospectus as a major learning goal. LEAD students take HON 3000, Writing Workshop, to write their Leadership Team plan. Scholarship and Artists's Studio students take HON 4360, Thesis Writing, while completing their senior research or creative projects. LEAD students take HON 4400 and HON 4000, Team Project Execution and Coordination. All Honors students take HON 4820, Senior Colloquium, their final semester.

Documents must be received at 12:00 noon on the Friday one week in advance of the Honors Council scheduled meetings. Spring 2017
 meeting dates: Jan. 27, Feb. 10, 24, March 3, 17, 31, April 7 and 21 
from 12:00-2:00 in the Honors House, 1524 Compton Ave. Meetings are cancelled or shortened depending on the number of submissions received.

All submissions should be sent to: 

Full-Time Honors Program Faculty and Staff:
Dr. Devon Boan (Coordinator of the Artist's Studio);
Dr. Joe Byrne (Honors Core Coordinator); 
Dr. Catherine Graham (Coordinator of Leadership Studies);
Dr. Mike Pinter (Analytics and Science and Math Track); 
Ms. Erin Ritter (Office Manager);
Dr. Jonathan Thorndike (Director of the Honors Program);

Belmont University Honors Council 2016-17

Andrew Davis (CLASS, School of Humanities)
Loretta Bond (CHS)
Christine Rogers (CVPA, Art)
Brad Childs (COBA)
James Al-Shamma (CVPA, Theatre and Dance)
Mark Volker (CVPA, School of Music)
Rachael Flynn-Hopper (CLASS, School of Education)
Nathan Griffith (CLASS, School of Social Sciences)
Lonnie Yandell (CSM)
Manuel Cruz (CTCM)
Jennifer Fowler (CEMB)
David Schreiber (CEMB)
Julia Sherwood-Thesis Research student
Hannah Duff-Artist's Studio student
Jonathan Thorndike (Honors Program Director)

The Honors House
Belmont University
1900 Belmont Blvd.
Nashville, TN, 37212
Phone: 615-460-6472
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