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Chip Tha Ripper Ringtones

chip tha ripper ringtones
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  • A murderer who mutilates victims' bodies
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chip tha ripper ringtones - Ripper -
Ripper - Letter From Hell
Ripper - Letter From Hell
By the time she was 16, Molly had already lived to tell a bloodcurdling tale: she was the only survivor of a violent murderer who slaughtered all her friends. Disturbed by her horrific past, she focuses her energies on researching the minds of serial killers. Enrolled in a forensic science program led by famed author and man hunter Martin Kane, she joins a study group fixated on solving a local campus murder. When the students realize the killer’s modus operandi mirrors that of London’s legendary Jack the Ripper, Molly’s friends, once again, begin to fall victim around her.

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Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper
This is me and a friend Steve in the resent Doc-u-film of jack the ripper. I am the Police Man on the left of the picture. Quality is not great as I had to take this picture from a DVD I made of the production.
bat the ripper 041
bat the ripper 041
Ratabelle is too busy looking in her mirror to see Bat the Ripper hanging above her or Death of Rats sneaking up behind.

chip tha ripper ringtones
chip tha ripper ringtones
To his friends and neighbours, Jeffrey Mailhot was an ordinary, law-abiding motorcycle enthusiast with a fondness for 80's rock'n roll. But there was a dark side to Mailhot - and an urge he couldn't control...Rhode Island detectives knew they had a serial killer in their town. But the victims were women who lived and worked in a sexual underground - and whose bodies were never found. Then, prostitutes began to talk about a man who played too rough. Police arrested Jeffrey Mailhot, and an incredible duel of wits began...A brilliant police interrogation led to a chilling confession. Now, this insider's account of a modern-day Jack the Ripper takes us into the room where Jeffrey Mailhot, in his own words, told police how he killed women with his bare hands, cut their bodies into pieces, and then went out to kill again...