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1st Ginko - Spring 2010

June 13, 2010 - Ginko


The Bellingham Haiku Group had its first ginko on Patricia Otto's 100-acre property, a beautiful variety of open woodland, dense forest, wetlands, and grassland. She also has a colorful flower garden with myriad birdfeeders and even more birds. It was a wonderful location for a ginko and we found many opportunities for creative inspiration. The weather was varied, but cooperative. A misty drizzle partway through added to the ambience.



We began our afternoon with our ginko walks and met back at the flower garden and birdfeeders for a potluck. We dined on salad, devilled eggs, 2 kinds of brownies, banana muffins, and zabon, which is a Japanese food: candied pomello peel (thanks Nobuko!). While we ate, so did the birds. Grosbeaks packed the birdfeeders, woodpeckers fed their fledged young, and dozens of band-tailed pigeons flew from treetop to treetop. Even Tricia's chickens joined us, scratching for invertebrates and begging for scraps from Kathy with a few pecks on the leg. Ouch!


We concluded the day with anonymous haiku (and senryu) sharing and critiquing. There was a lot of good poetry and good feedback. And since our walks took us to different locations, we all got to enjoy each other's varied experiences.


It was a wonderful day of poetry and sharing.

And we all found out how to say senryu properly. (thanks again Nobuko)


And a big thank you to Tricia for sharing her beautiful property. It was an ideal location.


[In attendance were Carlene Adams, Seren Fargo, Nobuko Johnson, Sheila Sondik, and Kathy Waters. And Patricia Otto.]