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3rd Ginko - Autumn 2010

November 5, 2010
It was a rainy ginko, but then what is more appropriate for autumn in the Pacific Northwest. This was our third season at Patricia Otto's place. Interesting to see the changes, not only in the environment, but in our poetry.


After our relatively short walks in the cold and wet, we returned to partial cover of Tricia's porch to enjoy our potluck, which turned out to be all desserts (next time we'll coordinate), and discuss our haiku and senryu.


We concluded the evening with the wood duck show. Or in this case, the wood duck no-show. All bundled up in clothing and blankets, we waited for the 100+ wood ducks to arrive at Tricia's platform feeder. However, it turned out to be an unlucky night in that respect, as the wood ducks were spooked by something and never honored us with their presence. Aw well, we'll try again during our winter ginko. And we'll have a hot soup potluck.
An autumn thank you to Tricia.
[In attendance were Carlene Adams, Seren Fargo, and Sheila Sondik.]