Message From the Worshipful Master
W.B. Myron Bell, Sr. - July 2018

Greetings Brethren. 


As we get closer to the end of 2018, it’s time again to elect the officers for 2019.  November 7th is our regular business meeting and we will be performing our Masonic duties for the good of the order, and elect the men we want to lead the lodge into the future. 

Don’t forget we will be assisting M.W.B. Patrick Barger with the Swisher Lodge degrees.  On November 9th Bellevue Lodge will be doing the Fellow Craft degree to help bring these fine men who were initialed in 2011 to more light in  Masonry.  Then on Saturday November 10th, the Grand Lodge officers will be      conferring the Master Mason degree. A dinner and Grog bowel will follow at around 5 P.M in our dining facility. If you plan on attending, please ensure you RSVP at so R.W.M Jim Carlton can let the  caterer knows how much food to plan on.

It’s also time to pay our dues!  Please get this done in a timely manner.  The more time that the Secretary spends notifying past due members to pay their dues, the less time he has to devote to more pressing issues.                      


A Note From the Secretary's Desk

W.B. Hal Cottrell, Secretary 

We’ve had many of you pay your dues already, and I thank you very much!  If you haven’t pay yet, you can online by going to and then clicking on the PayPal button, or send a check, money order, and as always cash is accepted. Dues this year are $120 and if paying by PayPal please add an additional $3.50 to cover the PayPal cost to process your credit card. 

I hope many of you are making plans for the holiday season.  The lodge is going to try and schedule our degree work for November and December around the holidays to allow our officers and brethren to spend as much time as possible with their families.  So keep an eye on your emails and the trestle board for any changes that might occur. 

I have started sending out the lodge minutes via email so more brethren can stay a breasted of what is    taking place in the lodge. If you haven’t been getting emails from me and would like to start please contact me at and I will add you to my list.