Thursday, May 18th

Bench Dedication
In Honor of Kenny Fischer

Bicentennial Park, Belleville
 Dedication - 5:30pm

General Membership Meeting
Fletcher's Kitchen & Tab

6101 W. Main St, Belleville, IL

Meeting - 6:30pm,

Please RSVP for the meeting to Hilda
by May 15th

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On May 6th, SC Paderborn 07
FSV Zwickau 1:1 in Paderborn.

After 36 matches, SC Paderborn 07 has a record of
11 wins, 7 ties and 18 losses and stands in

17th place
in the Third League standings with a total of 40 points.

With two matches left, SC Paderborn 07 stands just
one place above
having to play a relegation match.

The team next plays SC Preußen Münster
on May 13th in Paderborn.

You can follow the team at

Our Purpose

The Society (Belleville Sister Cities) is established to promote and expand understanding and friendship with Paderborn... so that citizens of each city understand each other…achieved through youth, cultural and business exchanges.

Partial reprinting from Article I Section 3 Purpose of our Bylaws

Upcoming Events

18 May - Bench Dedication

18 May - General Membership Meeting

15 June - Membership Appreciation Dinner

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2017-2018 Officers & Board Members
Kate Eckert

President Elect
Andy Gaa

Recording Secretary
Jennifer Meyer

Anna Mandl

Corresponding Secretary
Carol Gaa

Youth Exchange Committee
Doris Roach
Programs Committee
 Rita Eckert
Membership Committee
Herm Schoener
Publicity Committee
Ericka Roche
Newsletter Editor
Steve Koluch


2015-2017 Trustee
Theresa Fritz

2016-2018 Trustee
Rebeca Boyer

2017-2019 Trustee
Jerry Gaa