Box Tops For Education


Box Tops are Everywhere!!

You can Make a difference for our school!

3 Easy Ways to Earn Cash for Our School

  1. Clip box tops from your favorite products

  • Look for the 10 cent coupon on hundreds of your favorite products.You can find them on brands such as Cheerios, Betty Corocker, Pilsbury, Ziplock, Kleenex, Hefty and more!
  • Clip, save and send into school with your child for teacher collection

  1. Shop your favorite online stores

  • At the Box Tops Marketplace- Did you know that there are over 100 online retailers like JCPenny, Sears and Target that give eBox Tops to our school for every qualifiying purchase, all at no additional cost to you!

**Just start your online shopping at**

                           Some other stores include:

Disney Store                    Walmart
Gap                                 Walgreens
Kmart                               Expedia
Kohls                               Hotwire
Lands                               End Shutterfly
and many many more, take a look!

  1. The Reading Room

  • Box Tops and Barnes & Noble have teamed up to offer us the newest way to earn, The Reading Room! You will earn cash for our school when you make a qualified Barnes & Nobel purchase at the Reading Room. Visit for more information.

Be sure to have Bellerose listed as your school before you make your online purchases.
Please take a moment to check out the website .
You will also find lists of products, coupons and recipies.

If you are not already a supporter please sign up and choose our school.

Don't forget to ask friends, family and neighbors to start collecting now!

Thank you for helping to make a difference!

Bellerose Avenue PTA

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