What is Bellerose Banking?
Bellerose Avenue PTA is proud to offer the Bellerose Savings Program with TD Bank to our students.  This is a great opportunity to let our children learn and start to understand
the foundation of banking and saving.
New to Bellerose Banking?
If you would like to participate in Bellerose Bankingyou need to visit the nearest TD Bank location and open up a new account.  At that time please let the bank know your child will be participating in the Bellerose Savings Program.
Already a Banker?
Previously registered TD Bankers can make a minimum deposite in cash of 25 cents or more and receive a prize.  Any checks deposited are to be made out to and endorsed by your child.
We need volunteers for the entire school year during lunch periods form 11am-1pm.  It is a fun and educational way to interact with our children.
  If you would like to volunteer or have any questions please see
Committee Chairpersons for contact information.
Banking Dates:
Bellerose Bank will be open for business during your children's lunch periods on the first Wednesday of each month.  The dates are listed below: