Tournaments are $15 on top of green fees and cart if cart is needed. 
(You will receive a free small bucket of balls every tournament) 

Opening Tournament April 17 - you need to sign up and pay by the14th. The cost is $15. 
  • Single Man Mulligan – Format: Single man stroke play with each player getting one mulligan per hole, that mulligan can be used on any shot. However, once the player chooses to use the mulligan he must play that ball. Due to mulligan type format you CANNOT report your score for GHIN purposes. Thanks, Scotty 

May 8
  • Two man scramble - pick partner 

May 29 
  • 4 man 2 Ball – Format: All 4 players hit their drive; the team picks the 2 best balls and plays them to the hole. The players play out the 2 remaining balls in a 2 man scramble format. Two players per ball; the 2 players stay with the same ball for the remainder of the hole. Score is the total strokes for 2 balls Teams ----ABCD POOLS 

June 19
  • Pro Am – Format: Single man stroke play with a partner from the US Open Leader Board; each player will draw a professional at the beginning of the day. The players’ total score will be added his professional partners score for their Saturday play. Bella Rosa players use full handicap. 

July 10 
  • Sorry Partner Classic – Format: 2 player alternate shot, each player hits a drive and then the players alternate balls throughout the remainder of the hole. Pick Partners 70% - 30% handicaps 

July 24, 25
  • Club competition against the Sunset Men Club details would still need to be worked out.

August 14
  • Member / Guest Tournament - 18 holes, 8:00 am shotgun start – format is the first 9 holes will be aggregate score (both players complete the hole and add the total of both players) the back nine will be best ball. Both 9 holes will be scored 100% handicap. 

September 4
  • 4 Man No Repeat Scramble 

September 18, 19
  • Club Championship – Format: Single man stroke play 

Closing Event October 9 
  • 4 Man 1.2.3 Net