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How To Make White Makeup

how to make white makeup
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2010 SLRFL Make Over Magic
2010 SLRFL Make Over Magic
Pictured: Poppy Zabelin Welcome to the Makeover Magic Fashion Show. I am Poppy Zabelin, one of the volunteer program directors for the American Cancer Society in Second Life, responsible for the support groups. In a few minutes, six cancer survivors and caregivers will be walking the runway to show off their new looks, along with their fashion mentors. Their stories are inspirational, and we are here to celebrate their courage and caring. But first I would like to say a few words about how the program started. The real world Look Good...Feel Better program was founded and developed 21 years ago, in cooperation with the American Cancer Society. The aim of the program is to teach female cancer patients beauty tips to look good during chemotherapy and radiation treatments, improve their self-esteem, and manage their treatment and recovery with greater confidence. Women learn about makeup, skin care, nail care, and ways to deal with hair loss such as wigs, turbans and scarves. There are also self-help materials available for men going through treatment. The program is also available in other countries – for example, in the United Kingdom where I come from, there is a Look Good...Feel Better program run by Cancer Research UK. In 2007, Madison Donnelly, who was fashion editor of the Metaverse Messenger and an active real life volunteer with the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life, created a Second Life version of the program. She offered digital do-overs to six cancer survivors in Second Life along with her team of ‘fashion angels’ and published their stories each week over a period of six weeks in the Metaverse Messenger. Cinders Vale and I were among the first survivors to be honoured in this way (I am wearing my makeover outfit and hair right now). In the fall, when the American Cancer Society island in Second Life was officially opened, we were all invited back to take part in a fashion show on the island. I can remember being given a very quick lesson and wobbling my way down the runway in very heavy lag. The following year we decided to recreate the program as Survivor Makeover Magic and Cinders Vale agreed to take it on. She has been running it ever since and I can tell you it is a challenging task recruiting people for the committee, trouble-shooting when people have to leave the project, and smoothing things over. Cinders has worked tirelessly until late at night to keep things running and I would like to say a special thank you to her. It is, though, a team effort. And these transformations couldn't have been done without the following people: The Mentors who have given their time, knowledge and expertise. Lovis Timeless and the fashion show staff who have worked hard to put on this show and train the participants in how to walk the catwalk. Bora Rossini who built this new runway stage for us. I would also like to thank Breezy Carver for helping with the publicity and Evus Alter for the spectacular invitation texture. Our many media friends who have helped publicize the show. And MarkTwain White and Nber Medici for agreeing to video it. And to Cinders Vale and Boot Janus for coordinating the program. Thank you all of you for your contributions. I would now like to hand over to Boot who will say a few words about the designers who have so generously donated to the program, after which, we will hand over to Elle Kirschner and Les Karsin, your emcees for the show.
Please Forgive Me For Not Being Pretty
Please Forgive Me For Not Being Pretty of my favorite *once all girl* metal band songs....lyrics are so true... Beauty Fiend- My Ruin IT'S TRUE...I'VE GOT DEMONS INSIDE ME AND SOMETIMES...THEY NEED TO SPEAK MY DARK PLACES...MAKE ME FEEL UGLY MY LIPS ARE GLOSSED BUT MY HEART IS WEAK I'M DISEASED AS SEEN ON TV PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR NOT BEING PRETTY OR SEXY BUT GOD NEVER BLESSED ME HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL FIND NEXT TIME YOU UNDRESS ME... Scars Wounds I'm BRUISED... Watch me bleed I'm your beauty Watch me bleed BEAUTY FIEND ONCE AGAIN WITHOUT PERFECT TEETH I BEGIN THE DREAM AS I SLEEP SOON I'VE SINNED MY SKIN IS STILL THICK MY MOUTH AS ALWAYS IS BRUTALLY HONEST AT MY CALMEST I'M TIRED OF EXPLAINING HOW IT FEELS TO BE EXPLOITED AND RATED NUMBER ONE, TWO OR SEVENTEEN FUCK WHAT THEY PRINT IN THOSE DAMN MAGAZINES Scars Wounds I'm USED... Watch me bleed I'm no beauty Watch me bleed Beauty queen Watch me bleed I'm your beauty Watch me bleed BEAUTY FIEND STUCK INSIDE THIS MASK OF MINE There's no place for me to hide Won't you please come suck me dry Don't touch me DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME Don't touch me... WHY? Can't you see beyond my skin SIZE, my SHAPE, my ASS, my TITS I am not your PRETTY FACE I'm just a girl THE GIRL YOU LOVE TO HATE!!! Watch me bleed I'm no beauty Watch me bleed Beauty queen Watch me bleed I'm the beauty Watch me bleed BEAUTY FIEND Why can't you see beyond my skin SIZE, MY SHAPE, MY ASS, MY TITS I am not your PRETTY FACE I'm just a girl THE GIRL YOU LOVE TO HATE!!! Stuck inside this mask of mine There's no place for me to hide Won't you please come suck me dry DON'T DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME...PIG! ~~~~~ The calm before the storm. It's thundering outside. just got back from the doctor. it's supposed to storm and hail and all that fun crap again. Was listening to this My Ruin CD on my way home...Haven't listening to it for a long time....I really miss the shirt I it front Hot Topic awhile ago...I'llfind it ad upload it in the comments when i do...the ron said "My Ruin" and on the back it said "Please forgive me for nt being pretty" it was my favorite shirt. at that point in time i was majorly depressed, walked in the middle of busy streets in a black trenchcoat in foam 8-10 inch boots..all black...white face makeup...the works. i would make little kids cry...i was the time. and...without the boots...5'3. Now reading the lyrics to this song it reminds me that- no matter what the fuck size you are...your worth the time of anyone- guy or girl, employer or whatnot. fuck what people think of your looks. your not a fucking object. YOU ARE A PERSON. and again. i love this song. ps.s--- i hate doctors appointment...on 2 more prescriptions as of today (but at least they are only for 5 days)...more doctors appts thursday and friday...we'll see what else i get put on then...ugh...

how to make white makeup