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cheap makeup website
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cheap makeup website - Spa Factory
Spa Factory Custom Nail Studio
Spa Factory Custom Nail Studio
If your imaginative child loves painting her nails, she'll enjoy creating her own nail polish colors as well. The unique Jakks Custom Nail Studio lets would-be stylists, age eight and older, create custom nail polish colors, and then give manicures and pedicures to themselves and their friends. Kids can add sparkles and decals to their manicures to show their individual style. The color-creation process is elaborate and requires concentration, but the excellent instructions make it easy for motivated kids to accomplish it.

Spa Factory Custom Nail Studio
Ages: 8+

4 "AA" batteries (not included)

What We Think

Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:
Novelty factor:

The Good: Excellent instructions; color wheel teaches kids about color combinations and encourages creativity.

The Challenging: Lots of small parts to keep track of; dyes can stain and cause messes.

In a Nutshell: A unique, challenging toy that will entertain motivated kids for hours.

Pour different colored dyes into the bottles, and then mix them using the color wheel. View larger.

The dryer station helps the polish dry fast and gives your nails a nice, shiny finish. View larger.

Clever Design Encourages Organization and Creativity
Though the Nail Studio is a sophisticated toy with lots of little parts, its organized design makes everything easy to use and close at hand. Numerous little bottles store securely within the toy to prevent them getting lost if carefully used. The instructions provide step-by-step information about how to set up the studio, create and mix the nail polish, and dry newly polished fingernails and toenails. Parents should assist in batter installation with the help of a screwdriver.
An Irresistible Mix of Science and Style
The unique design of the Nail Studio enables young manicurists to easily create their own nail polish colors with the help of a color wheel. After pouring red, white, and yellow dye into small bottles and placing them in the "Color Dye station," kids then use the color wheel to help them produce the color they want. Next come the sparkles, which they add at the "Sparkle Station." Finally, they mix the colors at the battery-operated mixing station after adding nail polish base.
Using their created colors, kids can give manicures and pedicures, using the dryer station and toe separator to dry nails -- just like in a real salon. Your child will need patience to get the process right -- parents may need to supervise at first -- but they will appreciate the colorful results of their own creative efforts.
What's in the Box
Nail studio with color dye station, sparkle station, mixing station, dryer station, and mixer/dryer control; 3 color dye packets, 2 sparkle packets, and 3 nail polish base packets; nail file; 1 color chart card; 2 nail care cards; color wheel; 3 nail decals; 1 sheet of nail polish bottle labels; toe separator; small funnel; 4 nail polish bottles, 3 dye bottles; 2 sparkle bottles; large funnel; and instructions.

This cosmetic studio allows your aspiring stylist to paint her own nails.

79% (8)
nail polish, eye shadow and lipstick!
nail polish, eye shadow and lipstick!
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cheap makeup website
cheap makeup website
Meiji Amino Collagen (28 Days' Supply)
+ Want to buy more than 1 Tin? Get refill packs (30 days' supply) for the same price and you get more collagen powder.
+ Made from fish peptide collagen which is more easily absorbed than pig's collagen
+ Low Fat (27 kcal per serving)
+ Almost Tasteless
+ Top-selling collagen product in Japan
+ Safe*

Take one spoonful (provided in the tin) per day with your preferred choice of beverage (juice, tea, or coffee). Meiji Amino Collagen does not change even if you heat it up so you can consume it in hot drinks.
*Before you try any new health product, do consult your doctor if you have any concerns, particularly if you have kidney problems.