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Volunteer FAQ and Rules

Volunteer Rules

We ask that all volunteers adhere to the following rules.  This list can also be found in our volunteer handbook.

  • A volunteer should never be alone with a child that is a guest at Belknap House.  Two adults must always be in the room with a child.
  • Volunteers should not discipline or punish any child that is a guest of Belknap House
  • Volunteers may not spend time with Belknap House guests outside of the shelter without approval by the executive director.
  • Volunteers may not give rides to residents without prior approval by the executive director.
  • Volunteers may not give money to guests.
  • Volunteers may not ask guests for money or personal items.
  • Volunteers should not take pictures or videos of guests without prior approval.
  • We expect our volunteers to dress in attire appropriate to and respectful of the position for which they are volunteering.
  • We expect our volunteers to exhibit professional behavior that is appropriate for children at all times.
  • Please contact us ahead of time if you are going to miss your shift!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I volunteer?
Everyone who is interested in volunteering at Belknap House needs to attend an orientation session.  Orientations can be scheduled on an as-needed basis, and may be one-on-one or in a group. Please call the office at 527-8097 for more information.

What kind of things can I donate?
Belknap House maintains a current and frequently updated wishlist on our website and our Facebook page.  If you would like to donate something that is not on our wishlist, please call (603)-527-8097 ahead of time to confirm that it is an item we will accept.

Is there a mandatory minimum I need to volunteer?
There is no mandatory minimum.  In your volunteer application you can indicate how many hours you would like to volunteer, as well as how frequently.