Wireless Cell Modem

wireless cell modem
    cell modem
  • (Also known as a 3G Modem, Mobile Modem, Mobile IP Modem, Wireless Modem) See Cellular Modem.
  • radio: medium for communication
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • transmission by radio waves
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"

Communications "smart" terminal
Communications "smart" terminal
....but way before its time. Display technology back in 1982 limited it to forty monochrome dot matrix characters. And while there were plans for wireless capability, it used a 300 baud telephone modem. (cell phone shown for size comparison) A venture capital funded company founded to develop a telephone terminal for the deaf, its main attraction for investors was probably the possibility of reconfiguring the product as an all purpose data terminal. Hearing impaired people were used to specialized telephones (TDD/TTY) that displayed a limited character set as they were typed. The device's portability, full ASCII keys, and many included features that a computing device would need were not enough to overcome deaf customers' resistance to typing on a smaller than standard keyboard, so sales volume was insufficient to sustain full scale production. I've lost touch with the deaf community, but I suspect that these days they, along with teenagers and young adults, have mastered the art of rapidly texting on much smaller keyboards. Another innovative feature was a speech synthesizer that would enable the deaf, who were often speech impaired, to communicate via telephone with hearing persons that might not have a teletype terminal. This was impressive to those able to hear, but the deaf community didn't value the feature as much as was hoped for.
my solar setup1
my solar setup1
This is my solar setup inside my house. it will run all of my pc"s soon as i get it all hooked up. i have 3 pc"s and one wireless router,one modem and one non wireless router. also a few cell phone chargers that i can run with this free solar power. when im not using all of the power it makes, the left over power will be sold back into the power grid and the cost will be added to my power bill. its about time the power compny pays me for a change..LOL

wireless cell modem
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