Long Range Wireless Modem

long range wireless modem
    wireless modem
  • A wireless modem is a type of modem which connects to a wireless network instead of to the telephone system. When a mobile Internet user connects using a wireless modem, they're attached directly to the wireless ISP (Internet Service Provider) and can then access the Internet.
  • Modem and antenna for analog and digital cellphones, CDPD, ARDIS, BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network, etc.
    long range
  • involving an extended span of time; "long-range goals"
  • suitable for or reaching long distances; "long-range nuclear capability"
  • (esp. of vehicles or missiles) Able to be used or be effective over long distances
  • Long Range is an English techno band formed in September 2005 featuring Phil Hartnoll and Nick Smith.
  • Relating to a period of time that extends far into the future

Wreckhouse is a stretch of flat, barren land bordering the Long Range Mountains about 20 kilometers west of Port-Aux-Basques known for its extremely high winds.Strong winds are common in south-western Newfoundland at any time of the year but become stronger and more frequent during the winter and spring.As the winds approach the southwestern corner of the island, the highest mountain range in Newfoundland, the Long Range Mountains, obstructs their passage. The air is forced to accelerate over the ridge line and through the valleys and gulches, especially so around Table Mountain, an impressive 518-metre (1700ft) mountain with a relatively flat summit where the American military set up an air strip and radar station during World War II. The air flow around and against the terrain produces gap winds which accelerate like water through a nozzle. Gale to hurricane-force winds sweep down the slope from the ridge summits through the narrow valleys and stunted vegetation at speeds that can gust in excess of 160 km/h (100 mph), the equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane. After a number of trains had been blown completely off the rails, the Newfoundland Railway managers became aware of a local farmer and trapper named Lockland "Lockie" MacDougall (or "Lauchie" as he was known to some). MacDougall had been born in the Wreckhouse region in 1896 and would live there his entire life. Lauchie had a weather sense that gave him the ability to read the signs of an approaching storm and the intense winds that accompanied it. The Newfoundland Railway decided it was worth a shot and agreed to give him a sum of $20 a month to warn the nearby Port-aux-Basques rail office of the onset of extreme winds. This allowed the railway managers to halt trains before they reached the dangerous Codroy Valley section of track. They then held east bound trains in the shelter of the railyard and west-bound traffic in the safer regions in the Codroy Valley. On one occasion the conductor of a train decided to ignore Lauchie's warning and continued through the valley. When 22 cars of that train were blown off the tracks by the Wreckhouse winds, McDougall's stature rose and he became a local legend. He provided the warnings until his death in 1965. His wife Emily then continued to do the same until 1972 when she moved way. By delaying the trains, Lauchie, "the human wind guage," has now become a local folk hero and no doubt saved many lives and damage to much property over the years. If you enter our province by ferry through Port-Aux-Basques, these impressive mountains give you your first taste of the beautiful scenery to come. There are some who claim that Newfoundland is the tip of the lost continent of Atlantis ... and on a bright, sunny day like this one, standing here watching the clouds build up over the mountains, shrouding them in darkness and mystery, you can almost begin to believe they are right. This photo can't do justice to the scene even in the large version....you need to experience it in person.
One of the best modem routers in the market but still not easy in configuration and interface.The wireless range is the top as 108Mbps.For long term this is the best.

long range wireless modem
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