Kensington ci75m wireless laptop mouse. Wireless toy. Wireless wifi link.

Kensington Ci75m Wireless Laptop Mouse

kensington ci75m wireless laptop mouse
  • Kensington is a board game devised by Brian Taylor and Peter Forbes in 1979, named after an affluent borough of London. It is played on a geometrical board based on the rhombitrihexagonal tiling, as shown right.
  • A fashionable residential district in central London, England. Part of the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it contains Kensington palace and gardens and the Victoria and Albert, Natural History, and Science museums
  • Kensington Station is a railroad passenger station located at 10417 Howard Avenue in Kensington, Maryland, United States. It was built by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O).
  • Kensington station serves a central part of DeKalb County, Georgia, it is located On Memorial Drive and Kensington Road near The Kensington Office Park and in walking distance away from the Dekalb County Sheriffs Headquarters and Jail.
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • radio: medium for communication
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • transmission by radio waves
  • a portable computer small enough to use in your lap
  • Jesse Hartman is a musician, filmmaker and actor, living in New York's East Village.
  • A laptop is a personal computer designed for mobile use that is small and light enough for a person to rest on their lap.
  • A microcomputer that is portable and suitable for use while traveling
  • any of numerous small rodents typically resembling diminutive rats having pointed snouts and small ears on elongated bodies with slender usually hairless tails
  • (of a cat or an owl) Hunt for or catch mice
  • Prowl around as if searching
  • Use a mouse to move a cursor on a computer screen
  • sneak: to go stealthily or furtively; "..stead of sneaking around spying on the neighbor's house"
  • manipulate the mouse of a computer

Laura's Kensington ~
Laura's Kensington ~
For the first time , yesterday, I met one of the Artists that paints those wonderful utility boxes in San Diego ~ Laura Gros painted this one..she said that it was finished for the design except that she had to add the title " Kensington... something " on top ~ Laura is 18 and a very talented Artist ~ She also painted another box on the right of this one that you cannot see because the sun was right in my face and in the camera lens..LOL...I will have to come back and photography both again in a better light~ I was however able to render this with the help of my softwares ( once again !! )~ The sepia here fits well , as this particular box is painted in Sepiaish tones to reflect the Area's past as one of the locations in California where movie stars used to live in the 1930's ~ ( the one on the right, however is very colorful ) Stay tuned ;-D PS...Kensington is the neighborhood next to mine ( I live in North Park on the edge of Hillcrest ) and is a place I plan to visit often mainly because they have Kensington's Videos here, that has the biggest collection of Foreign Movies to rent that I have ever seen ;-D ( I am in Paradise ! )
2008-03-04-108 London Kensington Gardens Sun setting across Round Pond
2008-03-04-108 London Kensington Gardens Sun setting across Round Pond
The Sun setting across the Round Pond in London's Kensington Gardens. The spire of Kensington Church is visible on the Horizon. I liked the reflection of the Sun across the pond's water.

kensington ci75m wireless laptop mouse
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