Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad Bluetooth - Ceiling Mounted Wireless Access Point

Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad Bluetooth

wireless keyboard with touchpad bluetooth
    wireless keyboard
  • A keyboard which sends data to a host computer without relying on a physical cord. Most wireless keyboards today employ radio waves, frequently using Bluetooth technology.
  • Bluetooth is an open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short wavelength radio transmissions) from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs) with high levels of security.
  • A short-range radio build into smartphones that lets you connect headsets, speakerphones or even computers to your smartphone.
  • A standard for the short-range wireless interconnection of cellular phones, computers, and other electronic devices
  • An industrial specification for wireless personal area networks
  • A touchpad (also trackpad) is a pointing device consisting of specialized surface that can translate the motion and position of a user's fingers to a relative position on screen.
  • A computer input device in the form of a small panel containing different touch-sensitive areas
  • Laptops ship with a built-in mouse. The most common is the touchpad (TP) located beneath the keyboard. A pair of buttons accompany the touchpad for opening and selecting from menus on-screen.
  • Fully programmable input device that is compatible with PC's and ASCII terminals.

HP Keyboard for Touchpad $40
HP Keyboard for Touchpad $40
Brand New Sealed in Retail Box Bluetooth wireless technology Ultra-slim, compact design Designed for perfect match with the HP Touchpad Full pitch, low-profile keys Go wireless with the Bluetooth connection Type comfortably with the full-pitch design and low-profile keys Power down to save energy when not in use or out of BT range Work longer with the estimated battery life of 12 months
Apple Wireless Keyboard
Apple Wireless Keyboard
There's barely any markings or text on the box itself.

wireless keyboard with touchpad bluetooth
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