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      Once in North Adams, the Jewish families were on their own. However, this did not hold them back. Many Jewish families became very successful. They were able to form their own communities and many businesses throughout North Adams. The first Jewish immigrants arrived in North Adams in 1867. By 1890, there were twenty-five families living in North Adams.

     The arrival of these families was like a domino effect; when one family immigrated to North Adams, another one followed, and so on. For that reason the Jewish community stayed close to one another. They also aided each other when ever it was needed most. Many of these families lived around the Main Street area, in particular Eagle Street. However, the development of Main Street, in later years, created a loss of Jewish culture in North Adams.

      North Adams was not the only town that attracted Jewish immigrants. There were also more Jewish families located in the town next door- Williamstown, Massachusetts.

      Children of these Jewish families attended Drury High School. Just as any other child, these kids wanted somewhere where they could relate to others that had the same social activities. Therefore, associations were created by the Jewish communities. These included the Young Men's [and Women's] Hebrew Association, which established basketball and baseball games for Jewish children. The main reason for these "special" Jewish activities were so the Jewish children would not feel excluded from their extracurricular activity if it took place during any Jewish holiday. Everyone would have the same break and the same thing to do. Unfortunately, with the loss of Jewish culture, the Jewish associations were also lost.


 [Jewish Youth Basketball Team]