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You've stumbled down the steps and into the Record Bin of the Believe in Billy Records netlabel.  Sort of like digging through the boxes or bin at your favorite hidden secret record shop, here's where you'll find some of the original music by Believe In Billy artists, housed here for your enjoyment under the Creative Commons license.  We've done the digging for you, removed the dust, and queued up the music.  Take a listen and see if it's a "hidden treasure" to you! If not, throw it back.

Of course, the rest of our catalog is also archived at,, and our label homepage (see links to right).


Demo Tracks:    But in the meantime, a few early demos from a concept album by 
mental health consumer:  (right Click, Save know how to do it)

A stream through Forest Home 

 Gorges, Glens & Hollows

Redbud Woods 


Full album:         

"Regrets" by AViD:Advances in Obsolete Technology  This is the ambient second disc of the 2008 double LP set "Promises & Regrets".  You can take a listen to the individual tracks, and click on the title links to download the mp3.  Also, the album is streaming and files downloadable here.




03_Rust Red Leaves (vocal)

04_The Wrong Set

05_Talk To The Clouds

06_Rust Red Leaves (guitar)

07_Edge of the Warmth


09_Spare keys

10_You Knew It Would End Like This


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