my creations !

Welcome to the Belgindy rfactor-development page

my released projects .
for the IZOD indycar series 2010rfactor mod  (carskin)
the conquest racing 36 van Bertrand baguette

Belgian indy team (my own virtual indycar team for driving with rfactor)
100 Belgindy  ,  101 Jan Heylen
the Hvm racing car of Robert Doornbos (33)

Horensbergdam kart-track (genk-belgium) build with Bob's track builder .

my projects in progress.

circuit zolder (because the old one is not really updated from an old date) .
test circuits ford lommel-Belgium) this track is in real live not for open use ! therefore i try to built this track's for use in rfactor (a long time before release ) .

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