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Raptured in clouds

Raptured in clouds

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Hoofdstuk 4: Vervoering in de wolken.

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Those Who Died in Christ will be caught up together

The sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky and the Son of Humankind will come on the clouds of the sky and bring together from all over the world the elect or chosen ones.

“Those Who Died in Christ.
13 But we do not want you to be uninformed, brethren, about those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope. 14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep in Jesus.
15 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord, will not precede those who have fallen asleep.
16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.
18 Therefore comfort one another with these words. “ (1 Thessalonians 4: 14-18 NASB)

The Glorious Return
29 "But immediately after the (A #Mt 24:21) tribulation of those days (B #Isa 13:10; 24:23; Eze 32:7; Joe 2:10, 31; 3:15; Am 5:20; 8:9; Zep 1:15; Mt 24:29-35; Ac 2:20; Re 6:12-17; 8:12) THE SUN WILL BE DARKENED, AND THE MOON WILL NOT GIVE ITS LIGHT, AND (C #Isa 34:4; Re 6:13) THE STARS WILL FALL from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.
30 "And then (D #Mt 24:3; Re 1:7) the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see (E #Da 7:13; Mt 16:27; 24:3, 37, 39) the SON OF MAN COMING ON THE CLOUDS OF THE SKY with power and great glory.
31 "And (F #Mt 13:41) He will send forth His angels with (G #Ex 19:16; De 30:4; Isa 27:13; Zec 9:14; 1Co 15:52; 1Th 4:16; Heb 12:19; Re 8:2; 11:15) A GREAT TRUMPET and THEY WILL GATHER TOGETHER His (H #Mt 24:22) elect from (I #Da 7:2; Zec 2:6; Re 7:1) the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other. (Matthew 24: 29-31 NASB)[1]

1 Thessalonians is not a letter given to figurative language, but rather to the literal facts of the second coming.[2]

Paul comforts the Thessalonian followers of Christ that the dead believers really will be rewarded with a life that shall not end. He also assures them that they can take comfort from the fact that they would live forever[3]. Paul is therefore assuming their acceptability at judgment. Because he knows that nobody can escape judgment.

Though the penalty for our sins is death, we shall be judged after our dead.[4]
Paul also wrote to those in Thessalonia: "Ye are all the children of light" (1 Thessalonians 5:5)[5] as opposed to the unworthy within the ecclesia, who were in darkness. This suggests that Paul wrote as though his readership were all faithful and assured of eternal life. Some therefore believe it shall be only the “believers”
or “saints” who shall be taken up.

The saints shall be caught away in literal clouds, referring to large numbers of saints. The Greek text does not contain the definite article. The passage reads, therefore: "Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught away in clouds" (i.e., clouds of saints and witnesses).[6] The ‘witnesses’ being those that have been resurrected in Christ and/or angels.[7] Support for this interpretation is found in Hebrew 12:1[8] where a similar image is used: "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses . . . " (i.e., the faithful listed in Hebrews 11). Saints are compared with the innumerable water droplets comprising a great cloud. Some have seen the further image of the saints being ex-haled from the sea of nations by the powerful beams of the Sun of Righteousness.[9]

Ron Abel in his Wrested Scriptures writes: “The clouds are those of divine glory, indicating the Divine Presence. It is stated in Matthew 24:30[10] that the Son of man will come "in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory," but it is not certain that the great glory refers to the clouds of heaven. One disadvantage with this interpretation is that the divine cloud is invariably one cloud.”[11] [12]

The word "clouds" in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 is plural. It was the cloud which covered Mt. Sinai[13] and guided Israel during the wilderness journeyings.[14] Similarly, it was the cloud of glory which filled the Tabernacle[15] and the Temple of Solomon.

The New Testament tells us that at the end times those that are still alive and are left will be caught up together with those who died previously in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.[16] This taking up shall happen in a fast, or sudden moment as a snatch of a finger or eye wink.[17]

It is God the Father who shall look down and see His son gather all the people who have populated the world. Even the chosen or selected persons, being part of the 144.000, or those that shall be the priests of God would not able to keep their places to do their work because of the cloud, for the whole world, which shall be the house of Jehovah shall be full of the glory of the Most High. [18]

Before verse 17 Paul is comforting the Thessalonians that they will see their brethren and sisters in Christ at his return as they will be raised before even those that are still alive are ‘caught away’ (this phrase ‘caught away’ is the same used regarding Philip in Acts 8:39[19]). Those who shall be caught by Jesus’ return can be glorified. In Matthew 4:29-32, the timing of the event is established.[20]

The righteous are described as shining forth "as the sun in the kingdom of their Father" (Matthew 13:43)[21]  which teaches that they must be lifted up above the air. In like manner, Daniel declares that they shall "shine as the brightness of the firmament . . . as the stars forever and ever" (Daniel 12:3) [22].

In the Psalms we do find that God will put an end to this earth as it is and shall gather all His loyal, all the saints especially those who have made an agreement with God by offerings. (Psalm 50:5-7)[23]. nobody shall be able to avoid the Second coming of Jesus Christ. And then everybody shall have to appear in front of the judgement seat.[24] Non Christians would perhaps not look to that moment and have no desires to a gathering with Christ but as to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and our meeting with him Paul was sure that was going to happen. Believers had even to look forward to that day in such a way that they may not be moved in mind or troubled by a spirit, or by a word, or by a letter as from us, with the suggestion that the day of the Lord is even now come.[25] We may not give belief to false words: because there will first be a falling away from the faith, and the revelation of the man of sin, the son of destruction, who puts himself against all authority, lifting himself up over all which is named God or is given worship; so that he takes his seat in the Temple of God, putting himself forward as a god.[26]

The political "earth" is illuminated with this regal glory for a millennial day of "a thousand years", as the Lord Jesus, in company with the glorified elect, "shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father"[27], bearing His name.
In Deuteronomy 33. The statement is made: "Yahweh came from Sinai . . ."[28] and though the chapter is couched in the past tense, it is obvious that it has never yet been fulfilled. In the stories or parables by Jesus we receive a foreshadowing of what shall happen then and what would be the signs. The safety of Israel which would come after the last days would only take place after the Big Battle of Armageddon. Only when Jesus, as the Saving from Jehovah, would take up his place on the seat and would have cast out all those who are against Israel the prophesy could come in fulfilment.[29] The prophecy is expressed in the past tense, because of the divine principle of "calling those things that be not as though they are"[30] God told Abraham: "I have made thee a father of many nations," before Isaac was born because of the absolute certainty of the promise. The same applies to Moses' prophetic blessing of the tribes, the fulfilment of which is unconditional. Whatever partial fulfilment has applied in the past, the complete consummation awaits the future, and will require the disciplining of Israel.[31]

All will be overtaken by death, but those that have done what is ordered and right, and kept Gods rules and done them, life will certainly be theirs. The soul which does sin will be put to death: the faithful will not be made responsible for the evil-doing of his next-of-kin, the righteousness of the upright will be on himself, and the evil-doing of the evil-doer on himself.[32] So those who are faithful and have done what is lawful and right are brought together with the others who kept all Gods laws and obeyed them. [33] But they are going to the meeting place were Jehovah shall come down as well. The unnumbered multitude of the redeemed[34] who will associate with Christ as he moves from Sinai against a world in arms, after the many earthquakes, to subdue the flesh and establish a rule of righteousness shall see the manifestation of Yahweh / Jehovah, moving forth from Sinai, appearing over the mountains of Seir as the breaking forth of light to the help of Israel; shining forth in glory from Mount Paran; speeding across the political heavens with ten thousands of saints, who are as his rays. An imperial edict of fire flashes forth as he in wrath speaks to the desecrators of the holy land[35]. To have an idea that Sinai would be the place of return we can perhaps look at Psalm 68 by David[36]. It is the God of Israel who had the earth shake and the heavens streaming, because God was present. Even Sinai itself shall be moved before God, the God of Israel. The hill with high tops of Bashan shall be a hill of God which He shall take as His resting-place. Truly, God will make it his house forever.[37]  It is a prophetic Psalm based upon the past, but describing the future. Ethiopia has never yet stretched out her hands unto God as predicted therein[38]  nor have the kingdoms of the earth sung praises unto the Most Highest.[39]  The application of the Psalm to the future, however, is proved beyond the shadow of doubt by the inspired comment of Paul. In Ephesians 4:8[40] he applies v.18 to the resurrection and glory of Christ. Thus whatever historical basis the Psalm might have, its ultimate fulfilment must be sought for in the future.[41]

The Lord is seen in company with his cherubic chariots of saints, in the precincts of Sinai[42], and again, we are constrained to comment, that God, the Lord and the saints must first go there to be there! The Lord Jesus in company with the elect, in moving from Sinai to Jerusalem, shall overthrow the nations engaged in war, and ultimately to rebuild the Temple or Sanctuary in which he will reign as king-priest. Christ and the saints shall be at Sinai before moving north to Jerusalem and the Sanctuary.

Brother Thomas declares that the verb in the statement: "God came from Teman and the Holy One from Mount Paran" (Habakuk 3:3)[43], is not bah (past tense) as in Deuteronomy 33:2[44] where it is correctly translated, but yahvo,the future of the same verb. “It should be rendered shall come in. The whole chapter is in the future tense, and is so rendered by other versions, such as the Revised. It predicts the time when the earth will be full of Yahweh's praise (v.3)[45], and this, obviously, is still in the future.[46]

Habakkuk shows with his declaration that "God (Heb.Eloah, the mighty one) shall come in from Teman, the holy one from Mount Paran."[47] that the saints will be with Christ at this time. He does so by symbol and by explanation. He declares: "Thou wentest forth for the salvation of thy people (Israel after the flesh), even for salvation with thine anointed (the glorified, thus fully anointed, saints[48]. Habakkuk's description is similar to that of Moses, in that the Eloah is represented as the Sun of righteousness: "His glory covers the heavens, the earth is full of his praise. His brightness is as the light; he has horns (the symbol for power) coming out of his hand, and there was the hiding of his power"[49].

We get the triumphant march of this glorious one, ascending from Teman, rising from Paran, illuminating the earth with his splendour, filling the political heavens of the future with the glory of Jehovah, as he destroys the powers of darkness. Also Enoch prophesized that the Lord was going to come with was ten thousands of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of their ungodly deeds[50]. And Paul hoped that the Hebrew brothers also would be able to come closer to the mountain of Zion, to the place of the living God, to the Jerusalem which shall be heavenly, and to an army of angels which may not be numbered (Hebrews 12:22) [51].

Moses, David, Solomon; Isasiah, Jeremia, Habakuk, Zephania, Enoch, Jesus, Jude and among others Paul gave us visions of the future what was going to happen and from what direction the Lord would come for the foreseen purpose. There is no other place indicated in Scripture then: "From Sinai, Teman, Paran." Because we do believe that Scriptures reveal the necessary things we do have to know, we are able to accept the place of the return and the locality of the Judgment Seat.
In the Old Times the Israelites were gathered in the vast plain before Horeb, camped there when they were led by Moses and heard the voice of Jehovah. It was a place of rest for Gods people. At Sinai Moses received his call, and witnessed the miracle of the burning bush. On the same place our Creator announced His name YHWH. On the mountain the ten commandments were given. At the Mount, Israel was given the law and was constituted the Kingdom of God. To it, Elijah fled from the fury of Jezebel after his dramatic destruction of the priests of Baal and in the storm of hurricane and earthquake, and then in the "still, small voice," he was provided with an outstanding apocalypse of divine power and wisdom. At Sinai, most likely, Paul received the revelations that were so awe-inspiring and wonderful, that he was not then permitted to reveal them unto others.
The Jews are looking out for the promised land and the coming of their Saviour. The Muslims want also Jerusalem as their holy town. They know it was going to be the town for Gods people. Jerusalem and Sinai have been reserved by God for that purpose.

Believers were also warned that Jehovah would be coming out of His place to send punishment on the people of the earth for their evil-doing.[52]

Isaiah tells us that dead will come back; their dead bodies will come to life again. That the earth will give birth to the shades shall mean that all remembrances of those who became to dust shall become like awaking from their sleep. Direct intervention by a vast host of heavenly messengers to raise the dead in Christ is implied, after which they quickly gather the small aggregate of living believers conveying them to Sinai. "This period of time is known as 'the indignation' (Isa. 26:19-21)[53] [54]. That crisis is developing even now! 'Come My people, enter thou into thy chambers'. The invitation will be just in time, like Sodom of old." [55].

The 'catching' or 'snatching' up is not a matter of distance. In case it is at first going to happen in the real clouds, or above the earth, or in the exalted state of immortality and political ascendancy[56], all shall be brought back onto this earth.

God has given His son so that the righteous may 'fall asleep' or even 'die', but never would ‘perish'.[57] Christ had died to bring us alive.[58] Paul's words of comfort assuaged by showing that for Christians death did not destroy hope: they had 'fallen asleep' in Christ. Also John tells us that they shall stand up on the Last Day.[59] The editor of the Christadelphian Logos magazine writes in volume 48 on p. 17 that “The righteous are first removed from the scene, and then judgment is poured out upon the wicked. That has happened in the past, and will happen again at the Lord's return.”[60] How it all is going to happen we do not know, and you really could ask if it really matters. We as believers do have to see the great picture and that is the one of the hope given unto us.


Death may not be a barrier to the realisation of the Christian hope. There is a glorious hope for both dead and living at Christ's coming, because then everybody shall see that the last Adam a life-giving spirit is. All shall find their poor body of ours that will be changed by the power of Christ from God, into the image of the body of his glory, in the measure of the working by which he is able to put all things under himself. (Philippians 3:21)[61] Those who pass the judgment shall come again in glory in power, as a body of the spirit. Those who are of the earth are like the man who was from the earth: and those who are of heaven are like the one from heaven. And in the same way as we have taken on us the image of the man from the earth, so we will take on us the image of the one from heaven. Because it is not possible for flesh and blood to have a part in the kingdom of God that we shall be changed.[62]

We may look forward that at the coming of Christ Jesus, the Messiah who is our life, we will be seen with him in glory.[63]

The world is afraid of the atomic and chemic weapons, but believers know that the world shall never be destroyed by people and that God has a better purpose for this world.

When all the people shall be gathered or raptured those who shall have taken on them the image of the man from the earth, Jesus the son of Joseph and Mary, so they will take on them the new image of the one from heaven, who is that same Jesus, the Messiah.[64]

For lots of people it seems impossible to be taken out of dead, to go or to come from heaven because we are so limited in power. But how unlimited shall be the power which God has prepared for us who have faith, as is seen in the working of the strength of His power.[65] We do not have to feel restricted. That in case we succeed(ed) to become good Christians.

In case we lived according to Gods Will and His Law and had the breath in us of a real follower of Jesus Christ we shall not have to worry to be gathered at a wink, because that meeting with Jesus shall be revealing and liberating.

As I mentioned in Chapter 1: ‘Rapture what does it mean?’ the purpose of the gathering, spoken of by Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians, is just "to meet the Lord” or to “come together” or “to come out” for gathering together so that all present can do something or receive something together. The rapture is for the group of brethren who went out of their place of rest to meet Jesus, who also called up the other people to gather with him.
The purpose of the gathering is to obtain approval from the Lord, and also to meet him in his official capacity as future monarch of the world. That the meeting is to be "in the air" and then to stay above in the heaven cannot be interpreted literally without doing violence to other Scriptures, for the saints are to reign upon the earth (Revelation 5:9-10)[66], the Lord is to sit upon "the throne of David" (Luke 1:32-33)[67], the mortal peoples are to ascend to Jerusalem, the town on earth, to worship before him (Zechia 14:16)[68], and that city is to become the "throne of Yahweh" (Jeremia 13:7)[69].Because Jesus is going to hand over the Kingdom of God when he shall have an end to all the worldly powers and shall have made rules and authority useless, [70] to the righteous owner, his Father God of gods Jehovah.[71]
Many prophecies demand that Christ reign on earth until he hands over the kingdom to his Father. Also is there told that there shall be a government. It shall consist of the saints who reign with Jesus. In other words, the statement in Thessalonians is to be no more interpreted literally than are the earlier expressions used by Paul for the same word which can then be translated as: "a shout," "voice of the archangel," "trump of God." Understood figuratively, the "air" relates to the political "atmosphere" or aerial of the age to come, from whence shall shine forth the symbolic Sun, Moon and Stars.[72]

Concerning the gathering of the saints of every age together, Brother Thomas has beautifully written: "A cloud of witnesses will be collected, by whom will be concentrated in one general assembly, the living history of all ages and generations. There will be Abel, Enoch, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, David, Daniel, John, and all the prophets and apostles, with a multitude besides, that no man can number, all in their day, intelligent in the word and zealous for the Truth, in the service of which many were accounted fools, and many lost their lives."

May we find ourselves among that glorious throng,[73] and look for Jesus who shall ‘change our vile bodies and fashion them like unto his glorious body' (Philippians 3:21)[74]. And let us then be happy that when all things have been put under Jesus, then will the Son of God himself be under Him who put all things under him, so that God may be all in all.[75]

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Vervoering in de wolken.

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[34] “After these things I looked, and lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, out of all nations and kindreds and people and tongues, stood before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with palms in their hands.” (Re 7:9 MKJV)

[35] “For in My jealousy [and] in the fire of My wrath I have spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great quaking in the land of Israel,” (Eze 38:19 MKJV)

[36] “4 Sing to God, sing praises to His name; praise Him who rides on the heavens by His name JEHOVAH, and rejoice before Him. 5 In His holy dwelling God [is] the father of the fatherless, and the judge of the widows. 6 God causes the lonely to live at home; He brings out those who are bound with chains; but the rebellious dwell in a dry [land]. 7  O God, when You marched before Your people, when You walked through the wilderness; Selah. 8 The earth shook, the heavens also dropped at the presence of God; Sinai itself [was moved] at the presence of God, the God of Israel. 9 You, O God, sent a plentiful rain, by which You upheld Your inheritance when it was weary. 10 Your flock has dwelt in it; You, O God, have prepared in Your goodness for the poor. 11 The Lord gave the Word; the bearers of it [were] a great army. 12 Kings of armies fled away; and she who stayed at home divided the plunder. 13 When you lie among the sheepfolds, the wings of a dove [are] covered with silver, and its pinions with the shimmer of gold. 14 When the Almighty scatters kings in it, it snows on Salmon. 15  The mountain of Bashan [is] God’s mountain; the Bashan range [is] a mountain of peaks. 16 Why do you gaze in envy, O mountain range, [at the] mountain God has chosen for His resting place? Yes, Jehovah will dwell [in it] forever. 17 The chariots of God [are] myriads, thousands of thousands; the Lord [is] among them, in Sinai, in the holy place. 18 You have gone up on high; You have led captivity captive; You have received gifts for men, yes, [for] the rebellious also, that [You] might dwell among them, O Jehovah God. 19 Blessed [is] Jehovah; He daily bears burdens for us, the God of our salvation. Selah. 20 Our God [is] the God of salvation; and to Jehovah [are] the issues of death. 21 Yea, God shall wound the head of His enemies, [and] the hairy crown of him who walks on in his guilt. 22 The Lord said, I will bring again from Bashan; I will bring back [My people] from the depths of the sea; 23 so that your foot may be dipped in the blood of [your] enemies, and the tongue of your dogs in it. 24 They have seen Your goings, O God; the goings of my God, my King, in the holy place. 25 The singers went before, then the musicians came; among [them were] the virgins playing the timbrels. 26 O bless God in the congregations, the Lord, from the fountain of Israel. 27 There [is] little Benjamin [with] their ruler, the leaders of Judah and their multitude, the leaders of Zebulun, and the leaders of Naphtali. 28 Your God has commanded your strength; O God, be strong [in] that which You have worked out for us. 29 Because of Your temple in Jerusalem, kings shall bring a present to You. 30 Rebuke the wild beasts of the reeds, the herd of bulls, with the calves of the peoples, trampling down with the pieces of silver. He scatters the people [who] delight in war. 31 Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall stretch out her hands to God. 32  Sing to God, you kingdoms of the earth; O sing praises to the Lord. Selah. 33 To Him who rides on the heavens of heavens of old; lo, He sends out His voice, a mighty voice. 34 Give strength to God over Israel; His majesty and His strength in the skies. 35 O God, You [are] overwhelming out of Your holy places; the God of Israel [is] He who gives strength and powers to the people. Blessed [is] God.” (Ps 68:4-20, 21-35 MKJV)


[37] “15 A mountain of God is the mountain of Bashan; A {1} high mountain is the mountain of Bashan. {1) Heb [mountain of summits]} 16 Why look ye askance, ye high mountains, At the mountain which God hath desired for his abode? Yea, Jehovah will dwell [in it] for ever.” (Ps 68:15-16 ASV)

[38] “Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall speedily stretch forth her hands to God.” (Ps 68:31 Calvin_Bible)

[39] “O ye kingdoms of the earth! sing unto God: Sing psalms to the Lord. Selah.” (Ps 68:32 Calvin_Bible)

[40] “(68:19) After you went up into the heights, you led captivity captive, you took gifts among mankind, yes, even among the rebels, so that\@ Yah\@, God, might live there.” (Ps 68:18 CJB) “This is why it says, “After he went up into the heights, he led captivity captive and he gave gifts to mankind.” ” (Eph 4:8 CJB)

[41] Logos Vol. 36 p. 317.

[42] "Yahweh among them (the chariots and angels) hath come from Sinai into His sanctuary." The Companion Bible
“The chariots of God [are] twenty thousand, [even] thousands of angels: the Lord [is] among them, [as in] Sinai, in the holy [place]. {even…: or, even many thousands}” (Ps 68:17 AV)

[43] “God {1} came from Teman, And the Holy One from mount Paran. [[Selah. His glory covered the heavens, And the earth was full of his praise. {1) Or [cometh] (and similarly to the end of verse 15)}” (Hab 3:3 ASV)

[44] “And he said, Jehovah came from Sinai, And rose from Seir unto them; He shined forth from mount Paran, And he came from the ten thousands of {1} holy ones: At his right hand {2} was a fiery law for them. {1) Heb [holiness] 2) Or [was fire, a law]; Or as otherwise read [were streams for them]}” (De 33:2 ASV)

[45] “Yea, he loveth the {1} people; All {2} his saints are in thy hand: And they sat down at thy feet; [Every one] {3} shall receive of thy words. {1) Or [tribes] 2) Or [their holy ones] 3) Or [received]}” (De 33:3 ASV)

[46] Robert Thomas; quoted from Logos Vol. 36 p. 318.

[47] “God came from Teman, and the Holy One from mount Paran. Selah. His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of his praise. {Teman: or, the south}” (Hab 3:3 AV)

[48] “But He confirming us and anointing us with you in Christ [is] God.” (2Co 1:21 MKJV)

[49] “And [his] brightness was as the light; He had {1} rays [coming forth] {2} from his hand; And there was the hiding of his power. {1) Heb [horns] 2) Or [at his side]}” (Hab 3:4 ASV)

[50] “And to these also Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied, saying, Behold, the Lord came with {1} ten thousands of his holy ones, {1) Gr [his holy myriads]}” (Jude 1:14 ASV)

[51] “But you have come to Mount Zion and to [the] city of [the] living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,” (Heb 12:22 MKJV)

[52] “20  Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. 21 For, behold, Jehovah cometh forth out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.” (Isa 26:20-21 ASV)

[53] “19 Thy dead shall live; my dead bodies shall arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust; for thy dew is [as] the dew of {1} herbs, and the earth shall cast forth {2} the dead. {1) Or [light] 2) Or [the shades]; Heb [Rephaim]} 20 ¶ Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. 21 For, behold, Jehovah cometh forth out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.” (Isa 26:19-21 ASV)

[54] B.R. from N.Z. in Logos volume 48 p. 17.

[55] B.R. from N.Z. in Logos volume 48 p. 17.

[56] R.B.. from N.Z. in Logos Volume 48 p. 16

[57] “For God so loved the world that He gave His only–begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (Joh 3:16 MKJV)

[58] “In this the love of God was revealed in us, because God sent His only begotten Son into the world that we might live through Him.” (1Jo 4:9 MKJV)

[59] “And this is the will of Him who sent Me, that everyone who sees the Son and believes on Him should have everlasting life. And I will raise him up at the last day.” (Joh 6:40 MKJV)

[60] Editorial note on p.17 of Logos Volume 48.

[61] “who shall change our body of humiliation so that it may be fashioned like His glorious body, according to the working of His power, even to subdue all things to Himself.” (Php 3:21 MKJV)

Read more about how that body is going to be in 1 Corinthians 15: 35 ff. & 2 Corinthians 5:1-10.

[62] “43 When sown, it is without dignity; when raised, it will be beautiful. When sown, it is weak; when raised, it will be strong. 44 When sown, it is an ordinary human body; when raised, it will be a body controlled by the Spirit. If there is an ordinary human body, there is also a body controlled by the Spirit. 45 In fact, the Tanakh says so: Adam, the first man, became a living human being; {#Ge 2:7} but the last “Adam” has become a lifegiving Spirit. 46 Note, however, that the body from the Spirit did not come first, but the ordinary human one; the one from the Spirit comes afterwards. 47 The first man is from the earth, made of dust; the second man is from heaven. 48 People born of dust are like the man of dust, and people born from heaven are like the man from heaven; 49 and just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, so also we will bear the image of the man from heaven. 50 Let me say this, brothers: flesh and blood cannot share in the Kingdom of God, nor can something that decays share in what does not decay. 51  Look, I will tell you a secret—not all of us will die! But we will all be changed! 52 It will take but a moment, the blink of an eye, at the final shofar. For the shofar will sound, and the dead will be raised to live forever, and we too will be changed. 53 For this material which can decay must be clothed with imperishability, this which is mortal must be clothed with immortality.” (1Co 15:43-53 CJB)
“When sown, it is without dignity; when raised, it will be beautiful. When sown, it is weak; when raised, it will be strong.” (1Co 15:43 CJB)

[63] “When the Messiah, who is our life, appears, then you too will appear with him in glory!” (Col 3:4 CJB)

[64] “and just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, so also we will bear the image of the man from heaven.” (1Co 15:49 CJB)

[65] “and how surpassingly great is his power working in us who trust him. It works with the same mighty strength he used” (Eph 1:19 CJB)

[66] “9 and they sing a new song, saying, ‘Worthy art thou to take the scroll, and to open the seals of it, because thou wast slain, and didst redeem us to God in thy blood, out of every tribe, and tongue, and people, and nation, 10 and didst make us to our God kings and priests, and we shall reign upon the earth.’” (Re 5:9-10 YLT)

[67] “32 he shall be great, and Son of the Highest he shall be called, and the Lord God shall give him the throne of David his father, 33 and he shall reign over the house of Jacob to the ages; and of his reign there shall be no end.’” (Lu 1:32-33 YLT)

[68] “And it hath come to pass, Every one who hath been left of all the nations, Who are coming in against Jerusalem, They have also gone up from year to year, To bow themselves to the King, Jehovah of Hosts, And to celebrate the feast of the booths.” (Zec 14:16 YLT)

[69] “and I go to Phrat, and dig, and take the girdle from the place where I had hid it; and lo, the girdle hath been marred, it is not profitable for anything.” (Jer 13:7 YLT)

[70] “then—the end, when he may deliver up the reign to God, even the Father, when he may have made useless all rule, and all authority and power—” (1Co 15:24 YLT)

[71] The Creator of all things Jehovah / Yahweh is God of gods and Master of all things.
“Thine, O Jehovah, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heavens and in the earth [is thine]; thine is the kingdom, O Jehovah, and thou art exalted as head above all.” (1Ch 29:11 ASV)

“Thou shalt have no other gods {1} before me. {1) Or [besides me]}” (Ex 20:3 ASV)

“For God is the King of all the earth: Sing ye praises {1} with understanding. {1) Or [in a skilful psalm]; Heb [Maschil]}” (Ps 47:7 ASV)

 “Blessed [be] {1} the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort; {1) Or [God and the Father]; See Ro 15:6 margin}” (2Co 1:3 ASV)

[72] Logos vol.36 p. 315.

[73] Logos vol.36 p. 315.

[74] “[He] who will change the schematic of our lowly body, conforming to his glorious body, just as his inner energy enables him also to subject everything to himself.” (Php 3:21 MHM)

[75] “Now when everything has been subjected to the Son, then he will subject himself to God, who subjected everything to him; so that God may be everything in everyone.” (1Co 15:28 CJB)