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Nature of the afterlife

All things or of God

Don't wait to catch a healthy attitude

Being Alone

Fallen Angels Fw: Good-News Daemons 3


Asherah called the wife of God

Authority Over First Christian Congregations

Baptised sister not of higher status before God then an unbaptised young male?

Baptism, why it really matters

Believe that moves stones

Blind leading the blind

History of the Brethren

Bric-a-brac of the Bible


We have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace

Christians in Judaism until ca. 135 A.D.

Doctrines to be rejected by Christadelphians

Christadelphian Method for Establishing

Christadelphians their name

Beliefs of the Christadelphians

Christadelphian Statement of Faith

Belief of the things that God has promised

Believe that moves stones

Biblestudents and Russelism / Bijbelonderzoekers en Russelisme

To belong to = toebehoren

Carry away > Meeslepen of laten verleiden

Character transformed by the influence of our fellowships

My dearest child,

Are Christadelphians so Old Fashioned?

The Christadelphians in Jewish history: the Kindertransport

Christadelphian video's

Commitment to Christian unity

Christmas, Saturnalia and the birth of Jesus

Efeziërs 2:21-22 Church no longer holds a central place in many Christian lives

Church sent into the world

Compare > Vergelijken of naast elkaar stellen

Compassion and Discipline

Congregate, to gather, to meet

Congregation - Congregatie

Consecration of the priests

Contribution > Bijdrage of contributie

Covenant Encounter with God

Making church

Church sent into the world

The great Day of their wrath

Biblical Ambiguity on Death?

Place to be in Death #1 Becoming dust

Place to be in Death #2 Made to live

Place to be in Death #3 Whereabouts and condition of the dead

Place to be in Death #4 Establishement of a new world

How are the dead?

Heaven, pets, and souls

Deterioration > Ontbinding

Da Vinci Code: Was Jesus Human or Divine?

Some Important Differences

A self-help tape called 'How to Handle Disappointment.'

The Involvement of true discipleship

The Ecclesia

The Ecclesia in the churchsystem

The Ecclesia or congregation

The Ecclesia as Congregation gattering 

The Ecclesia as  Parish, local church community

The Ecclesia in Modern times: Keeping an ecclesia in modern times

Education in Bible Times

Evangelism takes many forms

Abhor evil. Adhere to goodness

World racked by evil, says Pope

Exhortation -Exhortatie of uiteenzetting

Expenses > Onkosten


God receives us on the basis of our faith

A Faith that can move mountains

A Living Faith #1 substance and evidence

A Living Faith #2 What is the state of your faith

A Living Faith #3 Faith put in action

A Living Faith #4 Effort

A Living Faith #4 A living faith in action

A Living Faith #5 Perseverance

A Living Faith #6 Sacrifice

A Living Faith #7 Prayer

A Living Faith #8 Change

A Living Faith #9 Our Manner of Life

A Living Faith #10: Our manner of Life #2

A Living Faith #11 My place in the body of Christ and my ecclesia

A Living Faith #12 The Love for Jesus

Faith and works

Faithfulness when most necessary

Faith is a pipeline

Faith and trial

Faith and the confrontation of power

Faith a commitment to the promises of Christ and to to the demands of Christ

Faith Requires a Basis

Faith is knowing there is an ocean because you have seen a brook.

Share your faith

Sharing your faith

Faithfulness when most necessary

Faith is the belief that god will do what is right

Faithful to the leastening ear

The Father is the Only True God

Fearing the right person

Fear knocked at the door


To have fire in yourself to warm others

What's Wrong with "User Friendly"?

2 Corinthians 5:19 - God in Christ

God does not change

God is One (video)

God Helper and Deliverer

1 Timothy 3:16 - God in the Flesh?

God is Positve

Scientists who decided that humans could do without God

God, Religion ... Whatever --Churchgoing Youth Falling Away from the faith


Life in gratitude opens glory of God

Historical Development of Trinity

History of Christianity

Be Ye holy:Not missing the purpose for which we were formed

My Home is God Himself

Be Honest

Honesty -- it even works in business

When life caves in, honor the Lord

1 Corinthians 15 Hope in action

Gods Hope and Our Hope

Hope of the future

Our hope – The anchor of the soul

Look-out for true Hope

The Working of the Hope

How people see Jesus placed in history

How to Live Nonviolently

If Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life be

Immortality: Onsterfelijkheid - Immortaliteit or Immortality, eternality - onsterfelijkheid, eeuwigheid + Dying or not

Integrity of the fellowship

Invitation to all who believe

Isaiah prophet and messenger of God

Isaiah’s Book of the Messenger of Glad Tidings

Israël & Remnant theology: A Different Perspective on the Church and Israel

Use of /Gebruik van Jehovah or/of Yahweh in Bible Translations/Bijbel vertalingen

Who is Jesus Christ?

Who is Jesus #1 Introduction

Who is Jesus Christ? #1 What does the Bible say

Who is Jesus #2 Jesus Christ, man who died

Who is Jesus #4 Clear statements that our heavenly Father is his "God"

Who is Jesus #6 Jesus prays to God

Who is Jesus #7 Also. Trust in God; trust also in me

Who is Jesus #8 Father greater than Jesus

Who is Jesus #9 100% or not

Who is Jesus #10 Jesus was tempted in every way

Who is Jesus #11 What do famous people say about Him

Who is Jesus #12 Conclusion

Clean Flesh #1 Intro

Clean Flesh #2 Purity of Jesus

Also angels had to bow their knee in the name of Jesus

Scriptures That Show That Jesus (Yahshua) Is Not Yahweh (Jehovah)

Jesus and his God

Jesus Christ, His Sacrifice

The Cross of Christ

Christ has indeed been raised from the dead

The Law of Christ: Law of Love

We would see Jesus

He Existed in the Form of God - Philippians 2:5-11

Who Says Christ is God?

Male And Female Roles In Christ

Jesus among the partisans

Being Justified by faith

My Servant Will Justify Many

Keeping an ecclesia in modern times

Life and attitude of a Christian

Look for the Blessed Hope

The way of the wheat grain! & Oneness of this love

Making church

No man is free who is not master of himself

One Mediator between God and man

Meeting - Vergadering

The Metaphorical language of the Bible

Is membership important?

Parish, local church community - Parochie, plaatselijke kerkgemeenschap

Not as pleasing men, but God, which trieth our hearts. Thessalonians 2:4

There is no such thing as a "Christian politics."

Cycle of poverty broken through education

Power in the life of certain

Medical Ethicist Describes Holland's Inevitable Progress : The Netherlands Fallen off a moral cliff

Power in the life of certain

The Promise of the Comforter

The blessing of a broken leg

Pain and Suffering is inevitable but Misery is optional

Suffering produces perseverance

World full of suffering

Sorrow was not to be feared

The way of salvation

Heed of the Saviour

A “seed” for the blessing of all mankind would come through the family of Abraham

Sepulchre: Graf

Do not foget the important sign of belief

Sola Scriptura and its Pitfalls

The Soul not a ghost

Jehovah is my strenght

Think before you speak

Raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair

From vintages of sorry are deepest joys distilled

A secret to be reveiled

Names And Titles Of The Deity

Obstacles to your goal

Opinion > Mening, overtuiging of opinie

Parish > Parochie

People don't hunt out "loopholes"

Most pastors unsatisfied with prayer lives

Preaching to an unbelieving world

Why most Bible Prophecies never seem to pass

Reasons to come to gether

Rebirth and belonging to a church

Frank risks taking

A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow

Satan the evil within

How does today's seeker differ from the seeker of 1975?

A secret to be reveiled

The soul has no rainbow if the eyes have no tears

Scriptures That Show That Jesus (Yahshua) Is Not Yahweh (Jehovah)

Studies In The Scriptures - Tabernacle Shadows - Chapter 1

The increasing rejection of the teaching of Christ

In Moments of Terror

Do not be so busy adding up your troubles

Give your tears to God

The Trinity factor according to Paul and his successor

To be established in the present truth

Truth Or Tradition - 23 Arguments for the Historical Validity of the Resurrection

I know You're there

Not all will inherit the Kingdom

Now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slep

A visible organisation on earth

Outpouring to God of a burdened heart

Pre-existence of Christ #1 Look #5A Jesus - Had to learn

Prudence > Zorgvuldigheid of oplettendheid

Ransom for All – Searches

Reason to believe: did Jesus of Nazareth really died on the cross and rose again

Religious Beliefs Founding Fathers U.SA.

Is the Resurrection really necessary

Persistence of Sects

Gods Salvation

Scientists who decided that humans could do without God

Should we think that the sons of the Most High, the sons of God, are man-made gods?

Scriptures That Show That Jesus (Yahshua) Is Not Yahweh (Jehovah)

Spending time with people

The Holy Spirit of YHVH Revealed

Suffering redemptive because Jesus redeemed us from sin

Our attitude at a difficult task

Being thankful

Make thankfulness happen

Summary on trinity

Trinity and Pagan influence

Pagan Trinity

What is the Trinity?

Trinity versus Tritheism

How did the Trinity Doctrine Develop

Trinity function

No Trinity in the Bible

How the Doctrine of the Trinity came to the Church

Why the trinity was accepted in Europe

Trust in His Providential aid.

Use of /Gebruik van Jehovah or/of Yahweh in Bible Translations/Bijbel vertalingen

The way of the wheat grain! & Oneness of this love

What died on the cross? If Jesus is eternal God, in what sense did he actually die? Summary on trinity

What does God look like

What God does

What Jesus Did - Misleading around the Messiah and the final assessment

When discouraged facing opposition

Who is Jesus Christ?

Why did Jesus have to die

John 1:1,2 - The Word was Mighty

The work I do, let it be done good

Your Judea the Witness Wave