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You have reached the former website for Belgian Beer Me! Beer Tours. As of August, 2015, there is a new website.  Please click on Belgianbeerme.com.  Thank you!--Stu Stuart 

These are some of my favorite websites. You will find a wide variety of information on beer and otherwise on the “interweb,” as my uncle calls it. This list of links is by no means all inclusive. For example, Seattle alone has a mind-boggling array of brewpubs, bars and craft breweries. If you would like to be added to my links, please email me at beersanta63@gmail.com.

In no particular order:

You Tube

CNBC Beer Tour in Belgium. An awe-inspiring six-minute video that says it all. If you watch this, you will definitely want to sign up for a beer tour of Belgium. Watch it, I dare you!

Happy Hour--BBC’s Dom Joly Goes to Belgium. Meet Dom Joly and get to know him as he becomes a Belgian for a day, learns about Belgian beer and how to properly savor it. Hilarious and informative in a way only a Brit can be.

Beer Publications

Celebrator Beer News, arguably one of the best beer publications available. Available free at many beer places, but I recommend subscribing to help support the good cause and so that you don’t miss an issue. Search their archives for articles written by Belgian beer personality and writer Chuck Cook (who has visited Belgium more than 15 times!) and Don Scheidt, who pens “Puget Soundings.”

Brewing News -- Publishers of arguably the best seven spectacular regional beer publications anywhere: Northwest Brewing News, Southwest Brewing News, Great Lakes Brewing News, Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, Yankee Brew News, Rocky Mountain Brewing News and Southern Brew News. Same as above, available free and beer places, but I recommend subscribing. Northwest Brewing News is especially good since it covers one of the major brewing epicenters in the United States.

Ale Street News -- Also arguably one of the best beer publications available, with a focus on the east coast beer scene. These guys are enthusiastic about belgian beer and it shows with their annual Ultimate Belgian Beer Tasting held in NYC each year.

Cogan & Mater: Books About Beer--A great source for books about Belgian beer, especially Belgian beer guru and British wit Tim Webb’s Belgian beer bible called “Good Beer Guide to Belgium”. A must for any Belgian fan. I recommend you order directly from Tim on this site, this way the money goes right to him and is a good insurance policy that this books continues to be updated and published as it has been for so long. "Besides being an instant course on serious Belgian beer—and a platform for Tim's merciless wit—the Guide allows you to suck more of the good life out of this country than any other book on the market," says Joe Stange, aka, the Thirsty Pilgrim.  Also, order Podge’s “Around Bruges in 80 Beers”--very cool! The website offers a combo deal. This all of course begs the question, who and what is Podge? Visit the site and see!  Also highly recommended is Joe "Thirsty Pilgrim" Stange's "Around Brussels in 80 beers."

Michigan Beer Guide The comprehensive guide to Michigan craft beers.

Beer Websites

Chuck Cook's Belgian Beer Blog. The intent of this blog is to inform, educate, and entertain those who enjoy the brews of the greatest beer country, Belgium. Chuck Cook is one of America's foremost authorities on Belgian beer and Belgium. His articles may be found in the Celebrator Beer News and other beer publications.

Thirsty Pilgrim --American expat Joe Stange, who now resides Costa Rica (formerly Brussels), pours out this fun and interesting blog mostly about Belgian beer and the beer culture.  With an obvious journalism background balanced with a keen sense of wit and a passion for beer, it is one of my favorite beer blogs out there.  Joe refers to Costa Rica as "the land that beer forgot."  Join me in reading it, won't you?  Joe is also the co-author of Around Brussels in 80 Beers

Steve Beaumont’s World of Beer. Steve is one of the undisputed heavy-weight beer writer contenders of our era. Based in Toronto, Steve’s informative, yet accessible and engaging style will keep you coming back.

Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter -- The website of the late urban legend, Michael Jackson, a respected icon in the global beer scene. True he shares a name with a well-known pop star, but that is where the similarities end. Michael has many great books available, too.
Nwbrewpage.com -- Your resource for the good beers and pubs in the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington, and the Province of British Columbia - where to drink them, who brews them, and where they are found. Organized, researched and written by beer celebrity and beer journalist Don Scheidt. Read Don’s column in the Celebrator and other beer publications.

Realbeer.com -- An excellent all-about-beer website. Their moniker: “What part of beer don’t you understand?” sums it all up. And what do you get when you mix beer with attitude? Battitude.

Beer Advocate -- Another excellent all-about-beer website and magazine. BeerAdvocate is a global, grassroots network, powered by an independent community of over 100,000 beer enthusiasts and industry professionals who are dedicated to supporting and promoting beer. BA is run by the famous Alstrom Brothers: Jason and Todd, who quit their jobs working for The Man to become champions of beer. And by producing a kick-ass website, publishing Beer Advocate Magazine, and hosting three world-class beer fests in Boston, who is to argue? Way to stick it to The Man!

Ratebeer Log on and rate beer and beer places and check out what others have to say.

Michigan Brewers Guild The official website of the Michigan Brewers Guild. If you have not yet, discovered Michigan craft beers, see what you’ve been missing!

European Beer Guide -- This site was created by beer author Ron Pattinson to celebrate his obsession with beer.  Lots of great information on beery places in Europe.


Podge on Beer -- Podge’s Belgian Beer Tours, based in England, offers a varied programme of Tours in Belgium and further afield for everyone from novice to expert. He is also co-author of LambicLand, Around Bruges in 80 Beers  and Around London in 80 Beers (2008).  Two must-have books on Belgian beer and one on British beers.

Thirsty Pilgrim --American expat Joe Stange is the co-author, with Yvan de Baets, of the newly-published Around Brussels in 80 Beers.  Based in Brussels, Joe's site about the latest in Belgian beers is informative and entertaining!  Don't go to Brussels without this book.  Seriously, don't go.  I mean it.

Belgian Beer Escort An all encompassing site about Belgium and Belgian beer. Well worth a visit.

Global Beer Network More on some Belgian beers. 

Visit Belgium For information on the beautiful country of Belgium please see this official website

Belgian Beer Board For the latest on Belgian beers and more. A great read.

Burgundian Babble Belt An international community of Belgian beer lovers babbling about beer and Belgium.

Belgium on Google Maps

BelgiumKing.com The purpose of this web site is to inform others about the wonderful world of Belgium Beer. It is written by beer traveler Jim Ritchhart.

Belgian Beer Importers

Vanberg & DeWulf -- Imports specialty beers from Belgium and Northern France. As always, all the beers we represent come from independent, family-run breweries committed to traditional methods of production. In the face of consolidation and mass marketing, the very survival of these breweries as independent enterprises has depended in no small part on their ability to develop a following in export markets. Thank you. For you have helped to perpetuate a spectacular brewing culture.

Merchant du Vin -- Based in Seattle, Charles Finkel created this self-proclaimed “America’s Premier Specialty Beer Importer Since 1978.” View, then purchase their many special Belgian ales. Special thanks to Craig Hartinger and MDV for their support of BBM!

D & V International: Specialty Beer -- Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., this company also imports many “Simply Devine” Belgian beers. Again, view, purchase and enjoy!

Phoenix Imports, Ltd. --Based in Elliot City, Md., Phoenix Imports, Ltd. is dedicated to providing beer enthusiasts with the highest quality beers imported from the traditional brewing centers of Europe and Britain. You know what to do now.

duvelmoortgatusa.com -- Imports high-quality Belgian beers including Duvel Golden Ale, Maredsous Abbey Ales, Rodenbach Flemish Ales, and Achouffe Belgian Ales.


Beveridge Place Pub -- This is another BBM! beer appreciation class venue, located in West Seattle and in a new location just across the street from its former location. BPP is a must-visit Belgian beer place in the Northwest. Publican Gary Sink is knowledgeable, hospitable and will make you feel like a regular!

Anacortes Brewery & Rockfish Restaurant -- Located a short 80 miles north of Seattle at the gateway to the San Juan Islands, this Anacortes Brewery & Rockfish Restaurant brewpub is an awesome destination spot for good beer , food atmosphere and live blues music. Paul Wasik, co-owner and brewer emeritus is one of the major influences of this cozy establishment in the old historic downtown Anacortes. Paul, a Northwest brewing icon (my moniker for him, not his) also acts as our visiting professor of brewing at BBM! beer tastings in Seattle.

Über Tavern -- One of Seattle’s newest beer hotspots, located just north of Green Lake, this place rocks, with more than 200 beers (including Belgians) and a knowledgeable, friendly, tattooed staff!

Brouwer’s Cafe -- Located in Seattle’s Fremont District, it is arguably one of the best Belgian cafés in the Western United States. The Belgian beer selection, food and ambiance is awesome. Look for their famous annual Hard Liver Barley Wine Festival in March. Don’t walk, run to Brouwer’s...then walk home.

Seattle International Beer Festival

BrewSpeak Drink Your Bread! The BrewSpeak boys are John and Paul....two men who share a passion for great beer. Great site, check it out!

Seattle Beer Stores

Bottle Works -- Arguably the best beer store in the United States, it is the bottleshop of Brouwer’s Cafe (located less than five minutes away) in the Wallingford District of Seattle. Grab some empty six pack holders and create some Belgian variety packs that will take your beer palate to a new level. Don’t look at the prices, just pick away, put it on a Visa, go home and enjoy with a group of friends. They have a nice selection of glassware, too. Manager/artist Kevin Sullivan and his staff are knowledgeable and eager to share their wisdom.

99 Bottles -- 99 Bottles beer store with way more than 99 varieties of beer is located in Federal Way, just south of Seattle, is the best beer store between Seattle and Portland. Run by Tiffany and Craig Adomowski, the store is visually attractive with large, well-lit coolers, murals lots of walk-around room and beer displays. They often host beer tastings lead by local brewers and others. This is a relatively new business and their spirit and enthusiasm for fine beers is contagious. They have a great selection of glassware and the best prices on it anywhere. Located just off I-5, exit 42B, it is worth frequenting, especially if you are in the lower Puget Sound area. Highly recommended! Four stars!

Full Throttle Bottles -- Full Throttle Bottles is a specialty beer and wine shop located in the historic and industrial neighborhood of Georgetown. They specialize in unique and unusual alcoholic beverages from across the country and around the world.

Beer Junction -- West Seattle's own specialty beer store.

Malt & Vine -- Premier specialty beer store on the East Side, with the ability to drink on premise.  Worth a drive to the East Side!

Big Star Beers -- Features a respectable selection of beers and glassware. Worth a visit when in the very north end of Seattle.

Portland, Oregon (& vicinity)

Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern - Run by Wisconsin transplant Sarah Pederson, it's a little bit of Wisco in Bridgetown.  With a great selection of Belgians and craft beers, Midwestern food and an awesome atmosphere, you would be out of your mind not to visit while in Portland.  Tell them Stu sent you!

By the Bottle -- Located just across the Columbia River from Portland in Vancouver, Wash., this is one of the best beer stores in the Northwest.  A huge selection of beer and friendly staff.  Don't walk, run!  On second thought, drive your car as you'll be buying a lot of heavy beer.

Belmont Station Beer Store & Biercafe’-- The new location of bottle shop of the famous Horse Brass Pub, now located several blocks away, is a beer spectacle to behold. Not only is the selection awesome, but you can buy the beer then walk it through a door leading into the Biercafe’ and consume it on location. Managers Carl Singmaster, Carl Orman and their very helpful staff have done an awesome job.

Beaumont Market -- Nice beer selection.

Horse Brass -- Owned by beer icon Don Younger, this British-style tavern is a beer landmark in Portland.  Now that it, along with the rest of Oregon, is smoke free, it is a pleasure to visit.  Sorry Don, the place kicks ass without the smoke, what can I say?

Beertown.org Portland-based beer website.

Portland Beer Festival All about the Portland Beer Festival.

Portland has many, many great brewpubs, bars and craft breweries. Far too many to acknowledge here with any decency. You just have to visit Portland, often!

California Beer Places

San Francisco Brewer's Guild Official website of the San Francisco Brewers Guild, featuring the latest on the SF beer scene and events.

Toronado Pub -- Located in “The Haight,” this beer mecca is a must when in San Francisco. Look for their annual Barley Wine Festival in February and their annual Belgian Dinner and Tasting in April. With a large variety of beer and local color (understatement) you will feel like you are channeling Jack Kerouac. Parking can be difficult, so better to take the 22 or 71 bus.

North Coast Brewing Co. -- North Coast Brewing Co., located in Fort Bragg, about 150 miles north of San Francisco on the beautiful Mendocino Coast, this brewery produces “Pranqster,” arguably the best golden-style Belgian ale brewed in the United States. Amazingly enough, it is not their flagship brand, but if I were the boss it would be.

Beverages and More! -- Beverages and More!, A California chain of retail beverage stores, these guys have assembled one of the largest selection of beers, wines and booze anywhere. Join the Bevmo club and get discounts. I suggest getting a shopping cart as soon as you walk in the door.

Trader Joes -- The California-based Trader Joes specialty food stores, now spreading across the country like wild fire, features a decent selection of beers and wines with even more decent prices. If you have not yet discovered what California already knows, get to know Trader Joe’s. It will change your life! Putting in some beer coolers wouldn’t kill them, though, and would really take them to the next level in the beer world--hint, hint. Come on T,J, you can do it!

Beer School -- Website and podcast by two beer fans from San Francisco. Entertaining, informative and just plain fun!

La Trappe Café • Trappist Lounge • Bistro -- Located in San Francisco’s North Beach District, it is the only Belgian café in an area famous for its Italian restaurants. It is also the location of BBM! Tastings in the SF Bay Area. La Trappe features fine Belgian cuisine and a huge selection of Belgian beer. Eat at street level or in the lower level cellar with its bricked archways, bar, and intimate booths and couches.

The Trappist -- Located in Old Oakland, near BART, a visit is a must for any Belgian beer enthusiast. The atmosphere is authentic, cozy with a great selection of Belgian beer and friendly service. A great destination and worth the trip.

The Monk’s Kettle -- Located in the Mission District of San Francisco, this is the third of the Bay Area’s trifecta of new Belgian places. Warm and modern decor, soft lighting, pleasant surroundings, a great menu and a fine selection of Belgian beers, as well as other fine craft beers, are the hallmarks of this establishment.

beerbybart.com -- A clever site advocating riding Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to establishments within walking distance to BART stations.


Right Brain Brewery   The premier northern Michigan brewery and bar. We are Traverse City, Michigan's only micro-brewery. We are a 7 bbl system located in the newly developing Traverse City Downtown Warehouse District. Right Brain Brewery connects to Salon Saloon where the motto is "You Sip, We"ll Snip." We only serve our own northern Michigan beers, because that's what we do well. We usually have 12 beers on tap, but it depends on the day and the thirst of the people.

Dragonmead Brewery -- The famous Dragonmead Brewery, located in Warren, has a taproom with more than 30 different styles of their own beer! Many of them Belgian-style. Their Final Absolution Belgian-Style Trippel Ale is for my money the best of its style brewed in the United States. Dragonmead is not to be missed!

Shorts Brewing Co. -- Brewer protégé Joe Short is the mastermind behind this brewpub located in the historic, scenic town of Bellaire. Shorts produces a selection of creative, tasty and unique beers. I’m encouraging Joe to venture into some Belgian-style ales. When he does, look out. Worth a little drive out of your way in in No. Mich!

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales -- If you are in to sour, Belgian-style ales, this is your brewery!

Lake Superior Brewing Company, Grand Marais, Michigan--Run by Chris and Erin Sarver, and brewer Dave Beckwith, is an awesome destination brewpub in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Amongst their many fine beers is their “Belgian Gold,” a golden-style Belgian ale. Novelist and rugged individualist Jim Harrison is amongst their regulars and can infrequently be spotted in this classic, knotty-pine, U.P. bar. No website, hey they just got power up there a few years ago.

Vierling Restaurant and Marquette Harbor Brewery -- A must-visit brewpub in Marquette, also in the U.P. Food is excellent and their flagship beer is Blueberry Wheat Ale.

Bell's Brewery -- Not that Larry Bell needs any help selling his very-in-demand beers, Bell’s has formulated some delicious brews. One of my favorites, in limited release and distribution they call “Bell’s Sparkling Ale,” which is really a Belgian-style tripel ale. Come on Larry, call it what it is, let’s educate folks, make more of it and then distribute it to a wider area. Try the “Wheat Love Ale,” too, also a Belgian-style ale in disguise!

New Holland Brewing -- One of my new favorite Michigan craft brewers. Try their Sundog Amber Ale.

Founders Brewing -- Another one of my new favorite Michigan craft brewers, featuring , clean distinct, dry-hopped ales.

Oliver T's -- This beer, wine, deli, specialty food store in Grand Blance, has possibly the best beer selection in Michigan.  Worth going out of your way!

The Beverage Co.  Traverse City's premier beer store.  The selection and prices are great.  One of the best beer stores in No. Mich.


Monks Cafe’ Some claim Philadelphia is the largest consumers of Belgian ales in the United States and Monk’s Cafe’ just may be part of the cause. “The soul of Belgium in the Heart of Philadelphia.” Run by beer personalities Tom Peters and Fergus Carey, Monk’s (since 1997) is the real deal, a must visit when on the East Coast and arguably the best Belgian Cafe in the Eastern United States. Search articles by beer writer Jack Curtin in the Celebrator Beer News for more information. Jack describes Monk’s as “One of the world’s best-known and most respected Belgian beer bars.”


Max's Taproom -- Max’s Taproom is Baltimore’s premier beer pub, located in the heart of historic Fell’s Point. It is also the top-rated beer bar in Maryland, based on selection of beer, service and value. Check it out!

New York

Brooklyn Brewery -- Brewer Garrett Oliver is known for his many great belgian-style ales and others.

Brewery Omegang -- Brewery Omegang is owned by Duvel Brewing company from Belgium and is located in Cooperstwon, N.Y. It is known for its great Belgian-style ales and its annual Belgian Beer Festival.


Unibroue-- This Chambly, Quebec, brewery concocts some amazing belgian-style ales. Their distribution is excellent in the United States, even Trader Joe’s carries them.

Beer Advertising, Beer Cans & Other Breweriana sites

National Association of Breweriana Advertising

American Breweriana Association

Brewery Collectibles Club of America 




ASUW Experimental College of the University of Washington--Home of my Beginning Stand-Up Comedy Class and BBM! Northwest beer tastings.

Puget Sound Beer Meetup Group. -- Meet with other local beer drinkers to discuss the intricate delights of beer.

Basic Brewing

Stu Stuart's Comedy Website 

mackinac.com -- The original Mackinac Island website.

mackinacisland.org -- The official Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau website.

maevecroghan.com -- Shameless plug for Maeve’s paintings!





northernbrewers.com -- A great source for homebrewing supplies.

Beerjumbo.com--Is a network of beer and bar related companies and social social networking directory.  Check it out!

Truebeer.com -- For all your beer glass needs and other cool beer stuff!