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Starting with our own Belgian Bantam Club group - everyone welcome


♡♡ Belgians Australia.. for fun & pleasure too ♡♡

Belgian Bantam Breeders and Lovers of Australia

Belgian Bearded Bantam Poultry - Australia

Show Belgian Society - Australia




Bellsouth Australian poultry suppliers, located in Victoria. They say their site contains the largest range of poultry equipment and information on the web. It is certainly comprehensive, having all sorts of equipment, medications, books, technical bulletins, etc and a full price list for all items available.

Multiquip  Australian poultry suppliers, located near Sydney in NSW.  They have a complete range of products and equipment available, including several brands of incubators, brooders, accessories and a range of books published by Brinsea.

Planet Poultry is one of Australia's leading suppliers of Poultry related products to backyard fowl enthusiasts and Show fowl fanciers and offers a large range of Poultry Accessories, Equipment, Drinkers, Feeders, Poultry Medications and Supplements.  Also Incubators, Brooders and quality Chicken Coops.

New owners Col and Debbie McCall have over 30 years experience with successfully breeding and showing fowls and will provide a wide range of products from budget to the more expensive.  We will endeavour to provide excellent service and assistance wherever possible in your Poultry requirements.

Go to our website to view all the products we have available and order on-line or telephone us on 0437 542 422 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm

You can also find us on Facebook at:

Backyard Chicken Coops Pty Ltd, is a Brisbane-based retail and wholesale company established by poultry enthusiasts. We have been supplying chicken coops to the Australian market for 6 years - and with great success.

We realize the need for top-quality chicken coops at affordable prices so we have endeavored to provide just that. We also understand that our Australian climate can be pretty unforgiving at times, so we have made all the necessary improvements to our chicken coops to ensure they last and most importantly are comfortable for your hens.

We believe that we are Australia's most trusted chicken coop supplier because we take full pride in what we do, ensuring that you're always 100% happy with your investment. Everyone at Backyard Chicken Coops hopes that you enjoy our online store and the limitless enjoyment with keeping backyard chickens.

We also stock a full range of poultry products and accessories.

All the best, The team at Backyard Chicken Coops Pty Ltd


The Exhibition Poultry Group was formed after a group of members from the Exhibition Poultry Forum thought it would be a great to have a central location for people looking for Information about Exhibition Poultry.

 (1) To promote the Breeds and Colours listed in the Australian Poultry Standards.

(2) To promote the Keeping, Breeding and Showing of Exhibition Poultry.

(3) To offer services to Poultry Clubs to help in the promotion of their Club and Events.

(4) To offer services to Fanciers and Breeders of Exhibition Poultry that will allow them to reach out to the wider community via the World Wide Web.

(5) To offer those who are looking to start Breeding and Showing Exhibition Poultry a place to source Information for all aspects of Exhibition Poultry.

(6) To Sponsor and Support Poultry Clubs and Poultry Events any way we can whether by Sponsoring Shows,creating a Website for Poultry Clubs or Sponsoring Junior Judging Classes.

To view the Club page go to

The Chook Shed  

An excellent Australian site, with a wide range of pictures and information on all things "chook".  Also has a Breeder's Directory and links to other sites. 

Genetics of Chicken Colours 

This is a brilliant book and a definite "must have" for any serious breeder who is interested in the genetics which define colour.  It covers everything and has plenty of photos to go with the text to make it so easy to read and understand.

Backyard Poultry is Andy Vardy's fabulous site.  It has a heap of information, photos, a forum, noticeboard and links, etc, etc, etc.  There is something for everyone here.   The site is dedicated to promoting and preserving backyard poultry throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Poultry Pals  has been breeding poultry for a number of years, but in 2007 established Poultry Pals Pty Ltd.  We are passionate about poultry, especially rare and endangered breeds.  All of our poultry are bred according to the Australian Breed Standard and we continually show our poultry successfully. We have many rare breeds and colours with a full list and pictures in our fowl pages. Poultry make very good pets.  They are low maintenance compared to many other pets with the added bonus of the freshest eggs you will find anywhere.

We believe that everyone can do their part in protecting these breeds and other pure bred varieties by purchasing a few for their back yard.  All breeds will lay eggs and many of the pure bred types still lay close to those that are sold commercially.  The difference is, if you own pure bred fowl you are doing your part in conservation as well as getting fresh eggs and love from a wonderful pet.
We hope you spend some time looking through our site and please email us if you have anything at all to say.

Australian Pet Breeders and other Pet Resources

Our sites: – Australian Products and Service Directory Australian Pet Breeders and other Pet Resources.  Please note there is No Charge for basic listing- this is a free service to ALL Australian Pet Breeders



If you are part of a Pet Rescue Group you should be added to our


You can follow us on Facebook at

Welcome to the Australian 'Poultry Photos' Website

Welcome to Poultry Photos and our exclusive collection of Historical Poultry Photographs specialising in Chickens, Waterfowl, and Turkeys.

Also available are other animals, farm implements and period farmyard scenes that have been carefully selected from nearly 3,500 photographs from the original 6,000 glass plates. We also supply poultry books written by Ian Kay. The historical photographs have been taken during the 1920s through to the 1940s by the late Mr Arthur Rice.

We can now provide a facility to fulfil your orders in either Australia or abroad. Please have a browse through the wonderful collection and if you would like to purchase an item, once you have chosen it, go to the checkout where you are able to choose the currency you wish to pay in, should you not wish to pay in AU$.

Within this site you will be able to look at the vast collection of poultry photos of different breeds (all available for purchase) and see how some of the breeds have developed for the better and some that have declined, also you can see some breeds that are now extinct. If you cannot find your specific breed or have any questions please email us.

You are able to purchase any of the photographs, printed in a sepia format from our store, with or without a frame. 

Each montage depicts between 7 - 12 images of the best of that breed from that era with bird identification where possible. The montage can be purchased as a print for you to purchase your own design of frame locally or the montage can be supplied in an A3 frame, as an extra. Single prints are also available of individual birds.

These can be collected at various shows throughout QLD or we can arrange mail order direct to your door.

If you would like to see a greater selection of a breed, or you are a publisher interested in using photographs from the collection, please email or contact us and let us know your requirements. 

Our address is: Stuart Kay, 47 North Point, Banksia Beach, QLD 4507 

Telephone (07) 2220 8064   email:



Masses of information and photos on the various pages - some historical and some right up-to-date.  There is also a chat forum with a large number of topics on view.

ZOBK or on Facebook at

This is a Netherlands based Club catering for all breeds of rare true bantams which originated in Belgium.  It has some very good articles and photos. 


It is an  organization dedicated to creating de Watermael in the U.S. and Canada and maintaining genetically diverse flocks along with the  keeping, breeding and exhibiting of de Watermael.  They don't have a website but do have a chat room with information, articles and photographs.

Unfortunately this link is no longer active but it can stay here for now - just in case.


We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often. We have a discussion board for any questions you might have or answers to questions. It's a great way to keep in touch and meet new friends. The Belgian d'Uccle and Booted Bantam Club, a non profit organization, was founded in the United States in 1956.  The Founding member named the Club the "International Mille Fleur Bantam Club" By  the 1960's the name was just "Mille Fleur Bantam Club" In the late 1960's or early 1970's the name was again changed and we became: The Belgian d'Uccle and Booted Bantam Club.


There is a brilliant German site located at   If you click on Bildergalerie that will take you to the picture gallery.  The birds are superb, and in colours we can only dream about.  Unfortunately all the text is in German, but maybe your computer can translate enough of it to make some sense of the other pages.  The photos alone are worth a look.

Christian Miniot has a good site with lots of photos.  Unfortunately the text is in French, but it is still  worth a look.  It is found at

Here is one  is well worth a look.  It is a private American site for the d'Anvers called Rancho Rosita and has some lovely photos and other bits and pieces on it.  Go to

Jean Michael Beaugendre has created a discussion forum for bantams of all types.  Even though it is in French it is quite interesting and has some good photos on it.  It can be found at

Poultry Genetics for the Non professional  This site is maintained by the Sellers family of Brookings, South Dakota. It contains an enormous amount of information.  The purpose of this site is to promote and facilitate poultry keeping through the understanding of poultry genetics. Hopefully, poultry enthusiasts will find this site useful.  Go to

The Association for the promotion of Belgian Poultry Breeds has some good pages. 

Go to and follow the links to the appropriate pages.

Chickenbreeds  This is Joke Osinga's site from the Netherlands. Has a lot of information on various breeds and some very good photos.


This is a good site to browse through, no matter what type of poultry you are interested in.  It is a very large, well established site with a bit of everything - photos, articles, books, technical information on all types of poultry, waterfowl, swans, guinea fowl, pheasants, etc.  It also has links to many other good poultry sites.

The Bantam Roost  This is an American site run by Dick Staie and Terry Towe which has many photos of d'Uccle bantams, including some colours we don't have in Australia.  There are also nine good articles relating to breeding Belgian Bantams.  Also features a lot of links to various other sites, including a whole section on "chicken tractors".

The Coop  Another quite comprehensive American site with a little bit of everything for the poultry fancier.

Shagbark Bantams  This is another good American site with a lot of photos of Belgian Bantams.

These links have been set up by Feathersite - this is the stepping off place into the online world of poultry   The index alone is 24 pages long!  It covers all types of poultry from all over the world - everything from full scale commercial to small back yard fanciers.  A very good place to start if you are looking for information.

Chicken Diseases More information on poultry diseases than you would hopefully ever need.  Whatever the problem the solution can be found here - just keep looking!

Merck Veterinary Manual  This is a comprehensive veterinary manual for all types of animals, not just poultry.  Well worth a look if you have any medical problems. It has just been updated and now has a host of coloured photos as well.

The A-Z Poultry Disease Index  This is an A-Z list of poultry diseases.  If you know what disease you are looking for there is a search engine, otherwise you can just browse the pages.  I gives a short resume of each disease.  Handy if you are not sure what you are looking for as it doesn't take that long to get through the whole thing.

Aviculture Magazine has an enormous amount of information and articles available on-line (and in English).  It is one of the world's best rated magazines.


Free language Translation

Here is the babelfish which is probably the most used one

This one should work well for French