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You will also find a full copy of the Australian Standard for Belgian Bantams.

This Standard is also published in "Australian Poultry Standards - 2nd Edition"

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A little bit about Us - who are we?

Club Constitution and Rules of Conduct

Some General Information - Plus a little bit of History

Through the Years - Extracts from our early Club Newsletters

The Australian Standard for Belgian Bantams

Handbook of the Belgian Bantam Club of Australia

Club Merchandise and Publications

Breeding Belgian Bantams

Down Colour of Newly Hatched Chickens

Information about the Barbu d'Anvers

Photos of the Barbu d'Anvers

Information about the Barbu d'Uccle

Photos of the Barbu d'Uccle

Information about the Barbu de Watermael

Photos of the Barbu de Watermael

The other varieties (the rumpless ones)

A tribute to our Club's founder - Gerry Coady

Show preparation (plus a little bit about judging)

Membership Application Form

Show results from various shows

Annual Show major and class awards from 1983

Victorian Show major and class awards from 2000

Queensland Show major and class awards from 2013

Just for fun - jokes and cartoons

Questions and Answers and Handy Hints

A list of poultry transporters

Posting fertile eggs

Links to other sites on the internet

Our Noticeboard (includes for sale and wanted)