About The Tours

Our tours have been performed in Belfast since 2005, by Hugh Odling-Smee and Robbie Meredith, assisted by Abbie McGibbon and this year Julie Maxwell. Two enthusiasts for the literature of and about Belfast, Hugh and Robbie were approached to begin the tours while both working in the Linen Hall Library. Over the years we've hosted thousands of interested walkers.

The reason we do these tours is because the literature of Belfast is important and shouldn't moulder on the shelves of libraries. To hear the words of authors on the streets where they lived and worked, allows us new ways of understanding the work, and the city which inspired them. We make no argument that Belfast is a Dublin or Paris, but it has a literature to be proud of, one which deserves to be heard.

We feature many writers on the tour, but the most popular are:

John Hewitt
Seamus Heaney (yes, he's from Derry, but he found his voice here honestly)
Glenn Patterson
Michael McClaverty
Robert McClaim Wilson
Frank Ormsby
Kate O'Brien
Leontia Flynn
Brian Moore
Tom Paulin
EM Forster
Paul Theroux
Derek Mahon

Its a stroll through a city you might not know, hearing words you might not forget
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