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15th October 2008

Hi everyone!

We apologize to all our English speaking fans. The English version of the site is not updated at all.

We are trying to catch up with our French and Spanish versions after three months with little or inexistent internet connection in Africa.

So you'll have to learn Spanish or French!

You can also have a look at the French and Spanish entries and enjoy the pictures we include in each post.

All our albums are published here: http://picasaweb.google.com/belen.guillaume

Sorry for the inconviniences!

Hugs & kisses!

Belén & Guillaume

Welcome to the not quite around the World trip website!

We are a twenty something year old couple... that one day decided to leave everything and follow a traveller dream.

This website is made for our friends/relatives who want to keep track of us in our journey.

But! it is also made for travellers, anthropologists or onlookers who are keen learn about villages in Africa we'll be visiting or how to get a Visa to enter Australia...

This is meant to be our journal, but, if we can also share what we learn,that could be great ;)

We will do our best to keep the page up to date! We have already started writing some posts about preparations... and... humm... well, there are lots of things missing! specially in the English version since it isn't the mother tongue for any of us... But, don't worry! because you, English speaking friends! are important for us as well ^^

Now, let's be practical. There are two ways of surfing on this website:

  • Left menu: By continent and country. There are already a few entries.
  • Right menu: By dates, like a Blog. Content will start appearing there from June (departure time!)

The home page will show what's new on the site. Soon you will be able to leave your comments on every article. RSS subscription will also be available.

If you want to send us comments or give us ideas for the site or for the trip, please do it via email: belen.guillaume@gmail.com or use the Guestbook

Guillaume & Belén