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Welcome Dart explorers

posted Oct 17, 2011, 10:04 AM by Mark Lentczner
The Belay team is happy to announce that the recent technology preview release of Dart includes a port of the Belay sample application "Buzzer". We ported the front end, back end server, and the BCAP libraries to Dart. The resulting web application interacts with rest of the Belay infrastructure, including exchanging BCAPs with JavaScript written code.

The samples/belay/README in the Dart code base has instructions for getting it all running and trying it. At present, we admit those are a little cumbersome, as it requires getting the Belay infrastructure running on your machine as well. Look for an update on the Dart port that will make it easier in a week or so.

If you've come here from exploring Dart, welcome! If you've got questions, please join our public mailing list.

 - Mark