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Open-source Belay Applications

posted Mar 9, 2012, 5:06 PM by   [ updated Mar 9, 2012, 5:08 PM ]
In the fall after their internship, Joe & Arjun (along with a Brown Master's student, Matt Carroll) wrote a few applications on top of Belay and its principles that saw some real use.  As of yesterday, they're all open source (with a corp-friendly Apache license).  The relevant repository is on Github:

The app that saw the most use was Resume, which Brown Computer Science used to conduct their faculty recruitment process this year.  It saw more than a thousand unique users in a span of a few months.  It was used by hundreds of applicants, yet more hundreds of reference-letter writers, and the faculty and staff of the department to review the applicants.  A brief blog post outlines some of our experiences.  We also built Continue, a conference management application, which hasn't yet seen real use.

Implementing these applications, and putting them in front of real users (on real browsers!), led us to extend Belay's libraries with a few extra features.  Since a Belay post wouldn't be complete without some references to code, links to the implementations of some of the features we worked through are inline below.
Some of these features may find their way into the mainline of Belay in the coming months.  The broader message is that Belay can be used in real application development, and its libraries are flexible and extensible.  Belay is for building real-world, user-facing, secure applications, and will only become more robust and useful as we keep at it.