Place references to things related to Belay that might be worth reading.

Security and Human Behaviour: liveblog by Ross Anderson:

Not One Click for Security by Alan Karp, Marc Stiegler, and Tyler Close. Describes how the ScoopFS (secure cooperative file sharing) UI design avoids ever presenting the user any interaction whose only purpose is security.

User Interaction Design for Secure Systems by Ka-Ping Yee.

Rich Sharing for the Web by Marc Stiegler. What properties must computer-based human-to-human sharing mechanisms need to support, so that people don't just send email attachments instead? 

Aurora Concept Video by Adaptive Path. Aurora is a concept video presenting one possible future user experience for the Web, created by Adaptive Path as part of the Mozilla Labs concept browser series. Aurora explores new ways people could interact with the Web in the future based on projected technological trends and real-world scenarios.