Representing the Bel-Air Heights, Bel-Air Park and Braemer Park neighbourhoods of West-end Ottawa.

Variance Application for 1934 Bel-Air Drive

Please see notice below regarding the variance application for 1934 Bel-Air Drive. You are welcome to copy the the Bel-Air Community Association on your feedback on the community consultation at

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.


Board of Directors, Bel-Air Community Association

From: Chris Mulholland <>

Date: Mon., Jul. 26, 2021, 10:53 a.m.

Subject: RE: Community consultation on variance application

To: Bel-Air Community Association Ottawa <>

Good Morning,

I’ve attached the letter we’ve circulated to the immediate neighbours – we roughly follow the 60m notification radius the City uses when sending out its own notification about the hearing. A couple addresses were missed as they lacked on site mailboxes (out notes are hand delivered as opposed to sent in the post), so should anyone inquire please feel free to pass this along to them. Our typical process would be to set up a tent out front and have an open house with anyone interested in asking questions, but in the absence of that, we’re providing contact information to call or email.

Thanks very much,

Christopher Mulholland

Architectural Designer

T: 613.836.7434 | E:

7725 Flewellyn Road | 770 Highland Avenue | 17 Springfield Road | 681 Bronson Avenue

23 July,2021

Dear Neighbour,

We are writing to inform you of an exciting construction project proposed at 1934 Bel-Air Drive. At Amsted, we strive to deliver designs that are personalized to the site and the owner, while respecting and maintaining the established community character. The current residents are making improvements to the space and function of their home. To accomplish these changes, while protecting the existing heritage architecture, the footprint will be expanded to one side. In order to permit this work, the Committee of Adjustment of the City of Ottawa must give permission for a small reduction of the side yard setback. The position of the house on the site also necessitates a variance of the rear yard setback to allow for the proposed wall to be built in line with the existing. We have submitted the application to the Committee of Adjustment and you may have received a letter from the City of Ottawa inviting you to the upcoming virtual hearing. Prior to the formal committee hearing, we would like to offer the opportunity to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have about the design. In the absence of our usual open house meeting, please feel free to contact us directly and we’ll do our best to assist.

Thank you for your interest,

Sincerely, Christopher Mulholland

Architectural Designer

Amsted Design Build


Secondary Dwelling Units Bylaw Proposal Before City Council July 7, 2021

On June 24, 2021 a bylaw was proposed to limit secondary dwellings (eg., a basement) to have a limit of 2 bedrooms. While that is the recommendation going to full City Council from the Planning Committee, city staff were directed to further consult given objections from some members of the public - Can you say STUDENT BUNKHOUSE?... The bylaw will be considered by City Council on July 7th! Please see the attached link to the Ottawa Citizen article. Let's protect the family oriented landscape for our residential neighbourhood.

You can bring objections to any increase in the number of allowed bedrooms directly to Council through Caitlin Salter MacDonald (613 580-2424 x28136)


Should you wish to be able to speak to the matter at Council she should be advised beforehand.

Please copy BACA if you send in comments at

Public Consultation for 24-Storey and 28-Storey Development at 3156 Clyde Avenue near Baseline Road

Public consultation is taking place presently for the proposed 24-storey and 28-storey towers development at 3156 Clyde Avenue near the corner of Baseline Road.

Description : Phase 1: A 24-storey mixed-use building with 6-storey podium, 210 residential units, 821 m2 of retail space and 1,363 of commercial office space. Phase 2: a 28-storey mixed-use building with 6-storey podium, 258 residential units, 904 m2 retail space and 1,696 m2 of commercial office space and two at-grade exterior POPS.

Laurel McCreight is the city lead on this development and can be reached for any questions or concerns at You are welcome to copy the BACA at as well. Please see link below to access the planning details.

Update on Pinecrest Creek Stormwater Management Pond and Road Work on Iris/Navaho/Whitmore

KEV have advised that further tree removals will be taking place at the Pinecrest Creek Stormwater Management Pond site this week. The removal consists of 18 Ash trees which are near the parking lot of the Extendicare and apartment buildings on Navaho.

Additionally, excavation has reached the 150,000 m3 of material and continues to be on track for completion in July.

KEV will also be doing some daytime paving/reinstatement work on Iris at Whitmore and Navaho over the next couple of days. This reinstatement work follows watermain work which took place in the same location last fall. This work will not require any road closures, only lane reductions. There will be signage and flaggers present to direct traffic. There may be momentary delays at the Iris/Navaho all-way stop.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Jessica Maxwell at and copy the BACA at

Notice of Night Work

This notice is to advise that, as part of the Stage 2 O-Train Light Rail Transit (LRT) project, construction will occur day and night in the area of Pinecrest Creek Stormwater Pond.


Overnight construction work will be taking place. Construction crews, trucks and equipment will start deep excavation of the Pinecrest Creek Stormwater Pond. Maintenance vehicles, generators and fuel trucks will be operating as required.


Mid-January through May 2021, Mondays through Saturdays. No Sunday work is expected.


Excavation and removal of soil is necessary for the construction of the new Pinecrest Creek Stormwater Pond. Site conditions, weather and scheduling currently allow for work to occur day and night. 24-hour operations during winter and spring will enable night work excavation to be completed by summer.


Pinecrest Creek Stormwater Pond area, near Baseline Road and Woodroffe Avenue.


24 hours a day, Mondays through Saturdays. No Sunday work is planned.

Anticipated Impacts

Measures are in place during overnight operations to minimize impact to the community. All trucks will be equipped with the less obtrusive broadband back-up alarm. In addition, trucks will not reverse, debris will be loaded onto trucks and unloaded off-site, lighting will be directed to work site and not toward homes. Pedestrian and cyclist connectivity through the park will be maintained as the construction zone will be fenced for safety. Motorists and pedestrians should be aware of a high volume of construction vehicles using the Woodroffe Avenue construction access road. Spotters will be on-site to manage the increased activity, pedestrians and motorists should adhere to traffic control personnel and posted speed limits. Environmental management during construction will include noise and vibration monitoring, and dust control.

The safety of workers and the public is paramount, and we thank you for your patience during construction.

To receive electronic updates please sign up at and click ‘Connect with us.’ Be sure to select updates for “Algonquin Station” (previously known as ‘Baseline Station’).

For other accommodations, or any questions, please contact:

Jessica Maxwell

Stakeholder Relations, Rail Construction Program

City of Ottawa /

Bel-Air, Bedbrooke, Field, Iris Integrated Project

Update: Prior to the road contractor mobilizing later this Summer, some work on the existing streetlighting infrastructure will be taking place to bring the street lights into conformance with the new road works. The first part of this work will be some trenching of underground cables on Bel-Air Drive between Checkers and Field Street. This work is tentatively scheduled to occur either next week (week of July 26) or the following week (week of August 3). Later in August, some new street light poles will be installed to replace the older existing poles.


The City provided another notice to area residents regarding an update on the Bel-Air, Bedbrooke, Field, Iris Integrated Project. The project web page has been updated with this new information at

At this time, the first phase of construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in late August 2021. This start date is subject to approval of the construction budget. The first phase will include Bel-Air Drive from Checkers to Bedbrooke plus Bedbrooke from Bel-Air to Dublin. The City's intent is to have the first phase substantially completed in 2021, with the remainder of the construction work commencing in Spring 2022.

Construction Notices will be mailed to area residents prior to the start of the work.

Cleaning Our Community

With the current stay at home order, the Cleaning the Capital event initially planned for end of April has been postponed. Let's take a bag along on our next walk and help to clean our community. Some areas that need attention are along the NCC fences across from Putman and by Iris, the entrance to the NCC space by Forman and Navaho, the mailboxes by Ferguson near Baseline. I'm sure that there are other spots that are not mentioned as well. The community will be so grateful for your work. Stay safe and enjoy our community's beautiful outdoor space.