Family adventures in Bolivia

Here you can keep up with our latest family adventures over here.

April 2014 we headed into a valley over a high pass from the Condoriri base camp for a bit of mountaineering, snowboarding and general good times. Here's some pics.

Jan 2014 we got to go to the Valley of Rocks for a spot of bouldering.

Last year, I forget when, we got to wander around the Quimsa Cruz mountains.

April 2012 we did a family trip to the Condoriri mountain area.

For Sal's birthday we went exploring the desert like area south of La Paz.

In November we did a great 4 day tramp crossing the Andes via 4 high passes and descending into the steamy jungle. Check it out in the Zongo to Coroico trek page.

In August the whole crew got up Mt Charquini - a 5400m peak. Find out more in the Mt Charquini page.