This site is for family and friends to keep up to date with what's going on with the Bolivia Beisly's, since we are now about 1/3rd of the planet apart. There's stuff from when we were in NZ too so the crew there can remember what we were like. 
If you've wandered here by accident you can wander off again.

Ok, we've been slack and haven't updated this for a long time. Now the blog is back and we'll try to keep more up to date.

New stuff added recently:

(May 2014)    April 2014 we headed into a valley over a high pass from the Condoriri base camp for a bit of mountaineering, snowboarding and general good times. Here's some pics.     

(May 2014)    A trip to the salar de Uyuni, the worlds largest salt flats, and the Valley of Rocks, one of the worlds largest boulder fields, was effected with the assistance of Franco and Reynaldo. 

(May 2014)    We did a bit of exploring in the Quimsa Cruz range. Here it is. 

(May 2014)    Finally added pics of our time in NZ in 2013.

(June 2012)    We did a family trip to a beautiful mountain area near El Alto where Aedan and Annie climbed the highest peak they have made the top of (Jankho Huyo - 5512m). Its in the Family Adventures page.

(June 2012)    Some new mountain climbing efforts in the Bolivia Mountains page.

(April 2012)       
Toby did amazingly well to successfully climb 6088m high Huayna Potosi. Check out some pics in the Toby adventures page

(April 2012)        Some Sal and Gregg climbing updates in the Bolivia Mountains page and an ascent of Pico Tarija by Toby in the Toby Adventures page.

(April 2012)        Recently the kids were part of a Capoeira demonstration on a local TV chanel. You can see it in the rock lizard page.

(Jan 2012)         The rock lizards have been out and about showing off their Capoeira prowess. You can watch a wee vid of them in the rock lizard page.

(Jan 2012)        We got to go to Machu Picchu with friends Reynaldo and Jennifer. Photos here.

(October 2011)    The Beisly clan did the Choro trail again with some friends from Cochabamba, this time starting the track the more 
conventional way. Rain and bugs didn't stop them from having a great time. Find out more here.

Gregg got out and about with his friend Erik to climb some high pointy things. The Bolivia mountain page has info on some big faces and new routes they climbed. In the same page you can check out a climb of Illimani, the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real Gregg did with Andy.

We visited a friends village in the jungle where the kids found some interesting things. A few pics are in the rock lizard page.

Sal has been climbing well - a couple pics in the Sal and Gregg page to commemorate it.

(June 2011)   The crew got out for 5 days holiday in the hills. You can check the trip out here. The whole clan got up a 5200m peak and Sal and Gregg climbed another interesting peak together and took turns soloing a significant mountain, Jatti Kollu. It was Sal's first solo attempt at a big peak and a very brave effort that saw her get within about 100m from the summit. See if you can spot her in the photo below. Here she's descending the lower, less steep, part of the mountain.

(June 2011)   Gregg got to go climbing with Andy and got onto some unclimbed terrain on Huayna Potosi. Some pics in the Bolivian mountain page. On the same page is some photos of a ridge Sal and Gregg got to climb together and a bit of recent ice climbing.

(April 2011)  The crew got to explore deserts and the worlds largest salt flat over 5 days recently. You can find out more here.

(April 2011)  No updates for a while so here's a couple: Near the end of last year we checked out the Isla Del Sol in lake Titicaca with Sal's bro Carl. For Sal's birthday end of Jan we explored desert like terrain in the south of La Paz. Gregg got a chance to make a quick solo of the French route of the SE face of Huayna Potosi in March. A telephoto shot by Andy Baker is in the Bolivian Mountains page. The incredible rock lizards walked a long way and climbed a big mountain in a day to raise money for people made homeless by landslides in La Paz. It's in the Chacaltaya fundraising walk page. We spent a day exploring the pre Incan ruins at Tiahuanaco near El Alto a couple weeks ago.

(December 2010) Sal and Gregg headed for the hills for their lucky 13th anniversary and got up a big peak in a day from home. See the pics in the Sal and Gregg page.

(December 2010) Toby brought home some great bugs from the Yungas. See them in the Random interesting stuff page.

(November 2010) The Beisly mob went exploring - crossing 4 high passes and ending up in the Yungas (hot jungle type area) by following old pre Incan paths (and a bit of cross country trailblazing). Check it out here.

(November 2010) Gregg has finally got around to updating some things. Check out: Toby attempting a 6000m Andean peak here! Annie dancing for her schools anniversary here; Annie ice climbing here; Aedan ice climbing here; Bolivian mountaineering here. More to come soon. 

(July 2010) We've been a little tardy with updates since moving to El Alto as we've been busy setting up here. We're working on an El Alto page but for now there's a little tid bit in the Toby's Adventure page of some recent ice climbing.

(June 2010) There's some new stuff of Aedan lead climbing and Annie abseiling in their pages. Click Aedan adventures for his exploits and Annie in Bolivia for hers.

(June 2010) We visited a wee village several hours south of Sucre. Find out more in the Pilla Torre page.

(May 2010) The kids and Gregg had to march through the plaza for independence day celebrations with their school. Check it out here in The rock lizards page.

(May 2010) There's some more in the Random interesting stuff page, this time about the interesting desert plants we get around Sucre.

(April 2010) Gregg eats Bolivian dirt riding to work at the kids school. Check out a video of the downhill part at the Sal and Gregg page.

(March 23 2010) A page has been added which has random interesting stuff in it. In the first installment the kids inspect one of the stingy poisonous things you find over here. Random interesting stuff.

(March 4 2010) By request a page on Sucre has been added. You can find it here: Sucre.

(Feb 6 2010) Pics and vid from a trip to Toro Toro. See if you can guess whose hand has been severed (in the pic below). Find out more from  the Toro Toro page.

(Jan 8 2010) Pictures and video from a very interesting trip to Tomoyo, a remote Bolivian village. A prize is on offer (to be collected in Bolivia) for anyone who can figure out how many people can fit in the back of a truck, such as the one shown below, for a bouncy 6 hour journey. You can check out more about the trip in the Tomoyo page.

Toby led his first climb (on pre-placed pro). You can find it in the Toby adventures page.

Pictures and stuff from our trip away (December 2009) are in the Bolivia page. There's also a bit of new stuff in the lizards personal Bolivia pages. See: Toby in BoliviaAedan in Bolivia and Annie in Bolivia, including some video and a new Toby accident report.

The Bolivariano Games have been held. The South American countries that declared independence or were liberated from Spanish rule by Simon Bolivar in 1809 (200 years ago) attended. See the Sal and Gregg page to find out about their games hostage experience. 

Upcoming adventures or interesting events we'll report on soon:

We head off to Peru in June for a conference and a break. 

The Bolivia Beisly's

There's quite a bit of stuff here about NZ - we all love NZ - but increasingly we'll be adding more from our time in Bolivia.

There's mostly pics and stories about the wee nippers as we feel bad about depriving our NZ family of these fantastic little people. Hopefully we'll keep on top of updating their Bolivian adventures.

We currently live in the city of El Alto, the worlds highest city of its size having over 1 million residents living at more than 4000m.
El Alto is very dry - situated on the eastern side of the high plain (the altiplano) - there's hardly a tree to be found and grass is like gold. Quite a difference between here and the West Coast of NZ. The city is relatively new, being the fastest growing city in Latin America for many years.

Below is a sat view of the cities of El Alto (on the plain on the left with the airport in the middle) and La Paz (in the valleys below).

The whole NZ Beisly clan. Odd looking bunch.                                            The Bolivia Beisly's like to get out and about in the hills...

            ...are rarely seen without their bikes....                                    ...although any mode of transport to the wilderness is appreciated.