Band Class Standards

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Band is a Standards based class in 4 levels dependent on what level students are at. The Standards I have in place are based on the the state standards 

The list of Standards and Performance Indicators is as follows: 

Literacy:  Performance Assessments (MLR A.1-3)

A. Rhythms: 

B. Tone: 

C. Scales & Pitch: 

D. Intonation:

E. Musicality:  

F. Sight Reading: 

G. Notation & Listening: 

H. Listening & Describing: 

Technique & Creation (MLR B.1-2)

I. Posture & Technique: Displays proper playing posture and technique, and maintains instrument correctly 
  • Back straight, no slouching ever  
  • Proper breathing from diaphragm 
  • Feet flat on the floor in front of you
  • Emboucher and instrument held correctly
  • Able to clean and maintain instrument, knowing all slides and how to adjust cork and mouthpiece for tuning 
J. Interpretation & Musicality:  Plays with attention to musical expression and emotion appropriate to genre or style.  
  • Attention to dynamics and articulations (staccato, Marcato, Legato, slurs, pp-ff, sfz, and fp).  
  • Attention to emotional expression through tone, dynamics, phrasing, articulations, and overall performance intent and creative interpretation. 
  • Interprets correct breathing
  • Interprets rhythms and articulations based on genre (i.e. swing ⅛ notes in Jazz piece) 

K. Tempo: Maintains steady beat with the conductor & ensemble members. 

  • Able to play piece in tempo with slight adjustments if needed 
  • Able to play a part with a metronome or steady beat 

L. Composition & Arranging: Compose and/or arrange a short piece and listen to and analyze their own and others pieces. 
  • Able to describe intention and compositional elements including: Form, creative intention, compositional choices. 
  • Able to understand some theoretical components of putting together a piece, including: transposition, melody, harmony, and accompaniment patterns.  

Creative Process/ Aesthetics/ Connections (MLR C-E)

M. Creativity:  Students can approach a problem in performance based activity or creative project to illustrate divergent thinking. 

  • In project based assignment or composition.  
  • In practice techniques and skill based assignments.
  • In research related assignment 
N. Musical Intent: Explain the meaning of a piece of music through opinion, and analysis of musical intent of an artist.  
  • Finding connections between music and emotion 
  • Using relevant terminology when need to make connections 
  • Analyzing and interpreting lyrics 
  • Researching artist interviews and opinions on the music 
O. Creative Process: Explain some of the deeper dimensions of music and art, and the creative process through research and perceptive listening and describing. 
  • Using language to attempt to describe emotions and deeper feelings within music 
  • Using opinions and quotes to help support and describe these deeper dimensions 
  • Finding connections between the music and society and culture of the artist 

P.  Goal Setting: Illustrate self motivation in learning a piece of music that exemplifies technical and musical progress daily.  
  • Actively engaged in the learning daily and working on practice techniques 

Q.  Research: Find reliable and relevant sources to explore a subject of interest and express and support opinions and facts. (Common Core- Anchor Standards- Language Arts)

  • Completing a Bibliography in MLA format to correctly give credit to their sources.
  • Using a variety of sources to illustrate effort to find reliable information and opinions.
  • Using in-text citation of direct quotes to support or pose an opinion 

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