Researcg Engineer, Qualcomm Research Silicon Valley    


Developments in mobile platforms in the form of smart phone ecosystems provide interesting research opportunities while posing challenges. Delivering a good mobile Web experience has become one of the fundamental challenges in the future devices. Achieving these goals requires a revision of traditional system stack including programming languages, compilers, virtual machines, runtime system and maybe hardware. In Qualcomm Research Silicon Valley (QRSV), my research focuses on:

(1) Programming language runtimes for parallelism and heterogeneity in mobile devices (MARE Project).

(2) New advanced, parallel JavaScript engines and browser architectures to make mobile Web as efficient and fast as possible (Zoomm Project).


Program Committee, Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) 2014
Session Chair, Hot Chips 2013
Program Committee, Hot Chips 2013


University of Texas at Austin

PhD in Computer Science, (Sep 2005- Apr 2011)  

Thesis: "Efficient Execution of Sequential Applications on Multicore Systems"

Advisor: Prof. Doug Burger, Co-advisor: Prof. Kathryn S. McKinley 

University of Tehran

M.S. in Computer Engineering, (Sep 2001- Feb 2004)

University of Tehran

B.S. in Computer  Engineering, June 2001