Personal information:

Name/ Family name: 

Behnam/ Alizadehashrafi

Date of  Birth/ Place of  Birth :

21 March  1969/ Tabriz , Iran



Number of children: 2

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  2. In Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics from University of Applied Science in Stuttgart/Germany. The title of my thesis was “synthetic texturing for 3D urban models in pedestrian navigation”. (29/09/2006 to 17/03/2008 )
  3. In Computer Engineering in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics from AZAD University (science and research branch) in Tehran. The title of my theses was “Reducing the traffic of TEHRAN by using ITS methods”. (23/09/1999 to 14/03/2002)
  4. in Applied Mathematics from SHAHED University in Tehran. My final project was about recognizing and processing finger prints.(21/1/1994 to 01/02/1999 )
  5. Saxophone Tenor Player in SEPAH PASDARAN Navy in music group in military service. (07/04/1990 to 07/04/1992)
  6. Diploma in mathematics and physics from Shahid Beheshti High School in Tehran. (23/9/1984 to 21/12/1989)

  1. Programming languages: C, C++, Pascal, Clips, MATLAB, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, MySQL, php and phpmyadmin, joomla, VRML, HTML, XML, DHTML and CityGML. 
  2. Applied Software’s: Photoshop 9, Camtesia, Snagit, captureexpress, Geomedia, ARCGIS, CorrelDraw, freeHand, flash, VCDcut Pro, HTML-kit, VRMLpad, 3DMAX, SketchUp and All Microsoft components like Access, Excel, power point, Publisher, Ms project, Server components like MDaemon as mail server and ftp server.
  3. Hard Ware: system assembling, network designing for departments like universities and industrial management departments, Network wiring.
  4. Operating systems: DOS 3.2 up to 6.22 version, unix, Linux, windows 3.2 and windows 95 based on DOS, windows NT, Advanced Server 2000 and 2003, windows XP and VISTA, CISCO routers command prompt Operating Systems.

Academic activities:

Organizing committee member for:

  1. nDGIS 2009 (Secretary and speaker)
  2. 3D City Tutorial 2010 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  3. AGSE2011 in Nairobi, Kenya (reviewer and speaker)
  4. AGSE 2012 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia (3D City modeling workshop in 3 hours)
  5. GeoAdvances in Johor Bahru, Malaysia (Speaker)
  6. ISG2013 in KL, Malaysia (speaker, reviewer)
  7. SMPR2013 in Tehran University, Iran (speaker, reviewer, chairman for one session)
  8. FIG workshop in Melaka
  9. 3D geoinfo2013 in Istanbul Turkey (reviewer)

Panel for the research proposal (first assessment):

  1. One student
    1. Nur Amalina Zulkifi (Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) for 2D and 3D Cadastral Registration)
  2. Two Ph.D students
    1. Ali Jamali (3D rapid indoor data acquisition technique for LADM based 3D cadastre)
    2. Nor Suhaibah Azri (Urban Infrastructure Data Management in Three Dimensional Space

How to create stereo photo in PhotoShop

1- Shoot two pictures similar to basement of your eyes (6.5cm) in the same line parallel to the scene.

2- Open both files (left and right photos).

3- Select one of the tabs then press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C
4- Select the other tab and then press CTRL+V
5- Double click on layer and then remove Red tick mark and press ok.
6- Select move option from the toolbox and try to align the photos.
7- Flatten the layers
8- Select crop from the toolbox and crop the photo in a way that you have both photos in each part of the final photo (perspective option should be disabled under the menu bar before cropping to avoid distortion).

Note: those places that are matching, means that those part will be at the same distance as the screen to your eyes and those places that are not matching, means that they are closer to your eyes or deeper and behind the screen. In case of replacing the left and right photo, the deeper parts come out of screen and the outer objects go deeper.

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  1. Assistant Professor at Tabriz Islamic Art University since September 2014  
  2. Contract Senior Lecturer at FGHT, UTM. (02/2013 to 02/2016)
  3. Part-time lecturer at UTM (01/2012 to 07/2012)
  4. Teaching Assistant in FGHT, UTM (7/2009 to 12/2012 )
  5. Working on Master thesis in Stuttgart University of Applied Science as a part of MoNa3D project (23/9/2007 to 1/3/2008)
  6. Network Administrator, computer group team leader and a member of teaching staff in IMIAzar (Industrial Management Institute of Azarbyjan) branch of comprehensive and Applied Science university . Full time. (23/9/2003 to 29/9/2006 )
  7. Full time Lecturer in Islamic Azad University Zanjan Branch. (23/9/2002 to 23/6/2004 )
  8. Lecturer in Islamic Azad University Dezfoul Branch. (21/01/2001 to 21/6/2003)
  9. Lecturer in Islamic Azad University Pishva-Varamin Branch (21/01/2003 to 21/6/2003)
  10. Lecturer in Islamic Azad University Reoudehen Branch (21/01/2003 to 21/6/2003 )
  11. Lecturer in DPI in short term courses (Data Processing of Iran was a branch of IBM before Islamic Republic of Iran) (6/7/2000 to 21/08/2004 )
  1. Paper entitled “3D Navigation System based on Synthetic Texturing” published in Wscg 2009, Poster Proceedings 21-26.
  2. Paper entitled “3D Navigation System based on Synthetic Texturing” published in AGSE2009 conference proceeding book held by Stuttgart University of Applied Science, Germany on 10 to 19th of Jul.
  3. Paper entitled “Texturing of Building Facades by Dynamic Pulse Function” published in ISG 2009 in Kuala Lumpur10-11th of Aug.
  4. Paper entitled “A Novel Method Of Three-dimensional Polygonal Edge-trimming In Solving Simple Objects Intersections For 3D GIS” 3Dgeoinfo Nov 2009 in Belgium.
  5. Paper entitled “Modeling Visibility through Visual Landmarks in 3D Navigation using Geo-DBMS” 3Dgeoinfo Nov 2009 in Belgium.
  6. Paper entitled “Developing 3D City Models based on Dynamic Pulse Function and CityGML” presented in MRSS 6th International Remote Sensing and GIS Conference and Exhibition 2010 28-29 Apr 2010
  7. Paper entitled “Dynamic Pulse Function for Texturing 3D Building” presented in WEC on 2nd -5th Aug 2010 World Engineering Congress.
  8. Paper entitled “Incorporating 3D-GIS Spatial Operator and Building Information Models in Construction Management using Geo-DBMS” Accepted for poster presentation in 5th 3D GeoInfo Conference 3-4 Nov 2010 Berlin, Germany.
  9. Paper entitled “DEVELOPING A FRAMEWORK FOR MALAYSIAN 3D SDI” Accepted for proceeding Commission IV, WG IV/8, 5th 3D GeoInfo Conference 3-4 Nov 2010 Berlin, Germany.
  10. Paper entitled “TEXTURING SOPHISTICATED GEOMETRIES IN PUTRAJAYA” published in proceeding of AGSE2011, presented in alumni Session: Experiences and Business Development. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Nairobi, Kenya.
  11. Paper entitled “CAD-Based 3D Semantic Modeling of Putrajaya” published in Proceedings of the Joint ISPRS Workshop on 3D City Modelling & Applications and the 6th 3D GeoInfo Conference, 2011, China.
  12. Paper entitled “ENHANCING TEXTURES OF 3D BUILDING FAÇADE” published in the proceedings of ISG-ISPRS WG II-5 2011.
  13. Alizadehashrafi, B. (2012). Towards enhancing geometry textures of three-dimensional city elements, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Faculty of Geoinformation and Real Estate. (PhD thesis)
  14. Alizadehashrafi, B. "3D City Modelling." AGSE 2012–FOSS4G-SEA: 297. (3hours workshop) 
  15. Alizadehashrafi, B. and A. A. Rahman (2013). Towards Enhancing Geometry Textures of 3D City Elements.Developments in Multidimensional Spatial Data Models, Springer Berlin Heidelberg: 135-153.
  16. Alizadehashrafi, B. and A. A. Rahman (2013). Towards Malaysian Three-Dimensional Spatial Data Infrastructure, Proceedings of the International Symposium & Exhibition on Geofinformation ISG2013: 320-332.
  17. Alizadehashrafi, B. and A. A. Rahman (2013). Photorealistic and Procedural Texturing Based on Dynamic Pulse Function; SMPR2013, Tehran University Iran


  1. Gold Medal in INATEX(Industrial Art and Technology Exhibition) 2009 held at DSI UTM(Javascript Program for Semiautomatic Generation of XML File based on Pulse Functions for Producing Output Façade Image File for Textures of 3D City Model)
  2. Gold Medal in MTE2010 “JavaScript Program for XML file based on Pulse Functions for high quality texturing of 3D city models”.
  3. The Best Award in MTE2010 “JavaScript Program for XML file based on Pulse Functions for high quality texturing of 3D city models”.
  4. Malaysian International Scholarship (5th Jul 2010) received from Minister of Higher education Malaysia